They’re all grown up! Corey Simms dad — aka Poppaw Jeff — took to Instagram earlier this week to share a sweet snap of his twin granddaughters, Ali and Gracie, and they look like mini Leah Messers! The eight-year-olds were helping their grandpa inspect a new construction project he’s been working on, and TBH, we would take advice from them! Check out the video above to see see the photo.

Recently, Leah has been receiving backlash online for allowing her daughters to wear makeup. Earlier this year, the Teen Mom 2 star was slammed after sharing a photo of Aleeah Grace on Instagram in her cheer uniform, while rocking an impressive smokey eye. 

“Her daughter looks 20…” one person wrote. “Calm down the makeup, that’s way too much.” A second agreed, adding, “I don’t like the makeup on a child. I don’t care what it is for.” A third ~concerned~ fan chimed in, “I’m all for cheerleading, but is there really a full-on need for heavy foundation?? Glitter eyeshadow and lipstick at a young age whilst doing it seems fine, but to be caked in foundation…” and a fourth commented, “Children should not be wearing makeup because they will be sexualized even more so by the pedos.”

Luckily, others came to the reality TV mama’s defense. “Here we go with all the makeup comments. She’s a cheerleader on a STAGE with a lot of LIGHTS. The judges have to have able to see them smile and their facial expressions for points. How hard is that to understand??” You tell, ’em!

Ali was born with Titin’s muscular dystrophy, a rare form of the disease that hadn’t ever been seen in children. Still, that hasn’t stopped the youngster from cheerleading with her sister. 

Now slow down, girls! We feel old AF.

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