Rapper Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin, has struck up controversy once again, this time over a video of her kissing their daughter, Chanel, on the mouth. 

On Thursday, August 17, Coco, 44, shared a video in which she and Chanel, 7, swam underwater from opposite sides of the camera frame and into each other’s arms. The mother-daughter duo twirled, hugged and kissed on the mouth as they rose to the surface. The video then cut to another clip of Chanel sitting on her mom’s stomach at the bottom of the pool and kissing her for an extended time. Coco wrapped her arms and legs around Chanel and rose to the surface again with their lips still locked. 

“Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater .. Chanel just loves kissing her mama doesn’t she? She is adorable ..She is my obsession,” Coco wrote in the caption. 

In the comments of the video, many fans criticized Coco for kissing her daughter on the mouth so much, with some finding it inappropriate. “The kissing thing is a bit weird though,” one fan wrote, while another added, “That kissing was way too much to be cute. Please stop.”

“I know the kissing and the way she is on top of her is extremely weird,” a third person wrote. 

However, others defended the mom of one and didn’t think the kisses were anything unusual. “Some of y’all in the comments grew up in households with zero affection & it makes me really sad for y’all,” one user added. 

“Showing love and affection with your children is so important for their mental health!!” another person wrote. “Wish their wasn’t such a stigma about showing affection in past generations! Love this!”

Coco and Ice-T, 65, welcomed Chanel in November 2015. 

“Surprise!!! Look who came early!!” Coco wrote on Instagram at the time. “Welcome the new arrival of Chanel Nicole.. A beautiful healthy 5.7 pound and 18 inch baby girl. Ice and I are so proud! I cried while she was coming out I was so excited to meet her!”

Ever since then, the Southwest Babes actress and the Law & Order star, who got married in 2002, have raised their daughter without any care for what critics think. In an October 2022 interview, Coco vented about the mom-shamers.

“They’re like, on me. But the thing is, everybody’s a hypocrite I feel because they do certain weird things in their house,” she said. “I don’t think that bathing my daughter in the sink is weird. If I have a huge-ass sink, why not? It’s just easier for me. And if I have to carry her everywhere and it’s just easier to bring a stroller, why not? She’s petite, she’s super small, and it’s easier.”

Coco even predicted that critics would come after the way she kisses her daughter. 

“I don’t understand. Why go after me over something so stupid? It’s a stroller. It’s our baby in a sink,” she continued. “Like, come on people, next thing you’re going to say, ‘Oh, you’re kissing her wrong,’ you know?”

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