Ice-T and Coco Austin have never been afraid to share their unique parenting habits with fans. The Law & Order: SVU star just revealed that the couple’s daughter Chanel, 7, still sleeps in the same bed with her mom and dad.

“I was there when Coco was pregnant, I went to the hospital and Chanel still sleeps in the bed with us,” Ice, 65, explained on “That Moment with Daymond John” podcast Tuesday, May 9. Chanel was born on November 28, 2015.

“So, I’m so much more connected to her than my other kids. But it’s been a beautiful thing,” he continued.

The rapper — whose real name is Tracy Marrow — went on to say why he’s made it a point to bond so closely with Chanel despite having two other children: daughter Letesha Marrow, 47, and son Tracy Marrow Jr., 31.

“I think the difference with Chanel and my other kids is I’m very conscious of this baby,” The Ice Loves Coco star said. “I had my daughter when I was in high school, I was ripping and running, so it was presents over presence. I wasn’t there.”

ice t daughter sleeps in parents bed
Courtesy of Ice-T/Instagram

“My son, my son Ice, happened right when I was becoming Ice-T, I’d never been famous before, this was a whole new thing. So, I’m distracted by that,” he shared, adding, “Chanel, I’m comfortable, I’m in a cruise pattern.”

Chanel still sleeping in her parents’ bed while in grade school isn’t the only bonding method that fans have questioned over the years.

Coco revealed in August 2021 that she was still breastfeeding Chanel.

“Chanel still likes my boob. She’s 5 years old,” Coco told Us Weekly. “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, you’re not getting the nutrition after 2 years old. Why do it?’ And I’m like, My child’s eating steak and hamburgers. She just likes a little snack every now and then and more of the bonding between the mother. Why take that away from her?”

Coco said that she would stop breastfeeding Chanel when daughter was no longer interested, but since she still was, “I’m not going to just say, ‘No boob!'”

Ice and Coco also raised eyebrows when they used a stroller to push a then 6-year-old Chanel around during a May 2022 shopping trip in the Bahamas so she wouldn’t have to walk.

After Coco was piled on by fans in the comments of the Instagram photo, the model responded to the mom-shaming by writing, “This stroller thing trending right now about me using a stroller to push Chanel around is ridiculous! Isn’t there a war and mass shootings going on as we speak, and you’d rather mess with my mothering? SMH.”

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