Coco Austin has become the subject of mom-shaming once again, this time for sharing an Instagram video of daughter Chanel playing beer pong and bragging about her “skills” at the adult drinking game

The Ice Loves Coco alum, 44, posted the video on January 3, where her 8-year-old Chanel, whom she shares with husband Ice-T, bounced a ping-pong ball across a granite countertop into Solo cups on the other side. She made all of her shots and although the glasses were empty, Coco went wild for her daughter’s ability.

“How is this possible? I can’t even get one,” Coco exclaimed after her daughter nailed four balls in a row into the cups. “No one can beat you in a drinking game, OK? No one! They will lose,” she proudly told her smiling little girl after she also received high-fives from Coco’s sister.

“Chanel’s hidden talent apparently….” the Think Like a Man Too star captioned the video, adding the hashtag, “She’s got skills.” Some fans were mortified over Chanel already being a drinking game pro.

“If normal everyday parents were to do this with their children and post it to their social media account you can bet social services would be there in a hot second to take their children away from the parents!!!” one follower wrote in the comments while another added, “I really, really want CPS to come,” asking, “Where’s the dad at? Because he’s just as wrong. If he allowed you to do this yeah are so disturbing on so many levels.”

“Ok, this is weird. Why u teaching your 8 yr old how to play beer pong?” one person asked.

However, others found the video hilarious, as one fan cheered, “Girl is a sniper!!! Gonna be putting every frat bro in his place later in life,” while another noted Chanel’s “*excellent concentration and form!”

“She is throwing a ball in a cup get over it people. She is a very much-loved little girl having funny with family,” one of Coco’s supporters wrote, adding, “Just because the cups are set up like beer pong doesn’t mean she is playing beer pong.”

While Coco has yet to have one of her epic clap backs, she’s well aware of her haters.

“They’re like, on me,” Coco told Page Six in October 2022, adding. “But the thing is, everybody’s a hypocrite I feel because they do certain weird things in their house.”

“I don’t think that bathing my daughter in the sink is weird. If I have a huge-ass sink, why not? It’s just easier for me,” Coco said, referring to backlash she faced after documenting how she gave Chanel a bath in her kitchen in a September 2022 Instagram post.

“I just don’t understand. Why go after me over something so stupid?” she continued. “Like, come on people, next thing you’re going to say, ‘Oh, you’re kissing her wrong,’ you know?” Coco predicted the future, as she was slammed by some fans in an August 2023 post for kissing her daughter on the lips.

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