What happened to Kody’s giant house idea? On the first half of the Sister Wives tell-all special, several of the Brown family members spoke as if Kody Brown’s dream of having the whole family live together in one house in Flagstaff, Arizona, is not yet a reality. In fact, they all still live pretty far apart, months after their big move. What gives?

A big part of 13th season of TLC’s Sister Wives was the Brown family’s move to Flagstaff. The change brought on a lot of emotional upheaval for the whole family, but some of the kids were especially impacted by the move. Janelle Brown’s son Gabriel, in particular, really struggled with it, and admitted on the tell-all that he felt it was “unfair” to him. But the hope was that once everyone was settled, the family would stay there for a long time and the Brown kids would thrive.

So why do they still live so far apart from one another? During a sit-down with several of the older Brown children, the tell-all host, SuChin Pak, got them to admit that they all still live in separate homes, much further from each other than when they lived in one cul-de-sac in Las Vegas, which they moved away from in 2018.

During the tell-all, daughter Maddie Brown said she notices that many of her younger siblings make more of an effort now to get together because they no longer live so close to one another. The other kids also revealed that they are not living in one home yet, and mostly see each other at school.

Indeed, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, later said that it was “super hard” to still be so separate. She admitted that there are times she doesn’t see the rest of the family for days. Janelle, 49, noted that they have to be “much more intentional” about getting together and maintaining relationships because they’re no longer right across the street from each other.

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All that being said, why are the Browns still living so far apart? Radar Online reported on February 27 that first wife Meri Brown’s rented home is nine miles from Christine’s place. The outlet also reported that Meri, 48, is 13 miles from Janelle’s home, and they all live miles away from Robyn Brown as well. Again, this is many months after the big move.

So much for the giant house Kody had someone design during the thirteenth season, right? Maybe he’ll reveal what happened to that plan on the second half of the tell-all … but don’t count on it.

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