Shooting her shot. Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea DeBoer (née Houska) opens up about how she and husband Cole DeBoer landed their own HGTV home renovation series, Down Home Fab, and how her personal style has evolved over the years in an exclusive video interview with In Touch. 

“It’s so funny because I like to tell people I totally like slid into HGTV’s DMs,” Chelsea, 31, exclusively tells In Touch ahead of the January 16 premiere of their new series. “That’s literally how it happened.”

The mother of four describes that it all went down while she and Cole, 34, were building their own home in 2020. 

“We were building our house and documenting that process and we were just having so much fun. I was like, wouldn’t it be so cool to be on like HGTV,” she recalls. “I just one night – which is so not like me – I just like sent them a message. I was like, ‘It’d be so cool to document this process or whatever.’ I deleted it right away cause I was so embarrassed that I wouldn’t ever say that. But they wrote me back, and then it just went up the ladder.”

While it wasn’t always in their plans to renovate other homes, the South Dakota couple says that by the time the idea came to fruition they were “almost done building” their forever home. “It just made sense to follow our next process,” the former MTV star adds.

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Courtesy of Chelsea Houska/Instagram

“After we finished ours, we were kind of sad we were done because we just enjoyed the process so much. We want this to be our forever home, so [we were] kind of sad that we don’t get to continue doing this,” she says of the idea to renovate homes from other South Dakota families. “That’s just how the idea came about. We knew that we really enjoyed it and we just wanted to continue.”

During an extended sneak peek of the couple’s new series shared by HGTV on January 10, Chelsea described her style as “South Dakota glam,” but Teen Mom fans have seen her personal style evolve tremendously since her days as a single mom, and there’s one phase that she claims makes her cringe to look back on.

“Obviously the hardcore leopard phase, you know, I just always send it full blown,” she tells In Touch. “But you know, at the time that was kind of like a vibe. I mean I made it a vibe for myself, but there’s a lot of cringey moments I look back at, I’ll be honest.”

Now, the Aubree Says founder says she loves cowhides, painting things black and “anything a little bit different.”

Chelsea and Cole’s Down Home Fab premieres Monday, January 16, at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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