You tell em, girl! Chanel West Coast took to Instagram stop a sightseeing tour from coming for a visit. The 31-year-old sent a message to Hollywood Hip Hop Tours for taking fans to view the outside of her home on Thursday, September 20. Though she likes her privacy, she had to admit, she was pretty flattered.

“Ok. So they got these new Hollywood Hip Hop Tours where they take people to go see the houses of hip hop artists,” she said on her Instagram Story. “I’m not gonna lie, I’m flattered that I made it to the Hollywood Hip Hop Tours cause a bitch can’t get recognition in the mother f—king hip hop industry so shout out to Hollywood Hip Hop tours for recognizing me.” She added, “But seriously, please. I don’t want to be on your f—king tour list I don’t want people knowing where I live. Take me off. Do not drive in front of my house again or we are going to have a problem,” she pleaded.

Still astonished that she was given such a high honor, she later said, “I seriously cannot get over the fact that it is so hard for me to get the recognition that I deserve as a hip hop artist but the Hollywood Hip Hop Tours got me on there list?! Shout out to y’all for believing in me, for real.”

Chanel West Coast Slams Hollywood Hip Hop Tours Flattered
Courtesy of Chanel West Coast/Instagram

We all love when Chanel brings the sass, since it’s all in good fun. Back in August, she took aim at MTV because someone mistakenly put a moon man countdown graphic over her face during several episodes of Ridiculousness. “Hey @mtv can we please fire someone?” the TV personality wrote. “What person with no common sense puts the countdown graphics at top of screen???? They should be at bottom of screen always. This is [the] second year in a row you covered my face with a countdown ALL day for numerous episodes.” She added, “It’s kinda dumb. But also, really funny! Thanks!”

She also spoke her mind to “newbies” in the rap game and gave them a little advice. “I have worked with LEGENDS and it seems as though the up and coming people in the industry have WAY MORE of an ego,” the rapper wrote. “Got news for you lil’ newbies with big ass egos … you ego is not your amigo. That ego gonna c—k block a lot more success for you. Don’t get a big head before you even get BIG.”

Chanel is definitely a force of nature and we are so down for it! Back off, Hollywood Hip Hop Tours.

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