Stay in your lane! Chanel West Coast took aim at “newbies” in music industry on her Instagram Story on Friday, August 30. The 30-year-old had choice words to those overzealous and new to the game.

“I have worked with LEGENDS and it seems as though the up and coming people in the industry have WAY MORE of an ego,” the rapper wrote. “Got news for you lil’ newbies with big ass egos … you ego is not your amigo. That ego gonna c—k block a lot more success for you. Don’t get a big head before you even get BIG.” Ouch!

Chanel West Coast Slams Newbies in the Music Industry

This isn’t the first time Chanel took to Instagram to put people in their place. Just recently on Thursday, August 29, Chanel posted a photo addressing those that aren’t feeling her new song “I Be Like.”

“Shout out to everyone bumping my new song #iBeLike! And F U to anyone hating on it! 😜🖕🏼,” the blonde beauty wrote on a photo of herself wearing a pink cowboy hat and holding up her middle fingers. “More new music dropping this weekend!! 😘💖 PS- I’m only 5’3. The cowboy hat made me taller lol,” she added.

She also called out those at MTV for a poorly placed advertisement of the VMAs on Ridiculousness that covered the personalities face. “Hey @mtv can we please fire someone?” she wrote under a slide show of screenshots where her face is completely covered by the moon man countdown. “What person with no common sense puts the countdown graphics at top of screen???? They should be at bottom of screen always. This is [the] second year in a row you covered my face with a countdown ALL day for numerous episodes.”

Chanel is always good for an epic clapback and some good laughs! Take note, “newbies.”

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