Add exterminator to her resume! Chanel West Coast took to Instagram to share a PSA about termites to her Story on Tuesday, April 14. While sharing some much-needed information with home-owners, the 31-year-old joked about the pesky intruders.

“Hey, friends. If you see this on your walls, just a heads up it’s termites,” she said in the clip displaying a long black nest on her cement wall. “And also a heads up, these little mother f–kers think they are Destiny’s Child,” she added while chasing the insects and spraying repellant. “They literally are f–king Beyoncé,” the brunette beauty said before belting out her best version of “I’m a Survivor.” “[They] won’t die!” she said.

Courtesy of Chanel West Coast/ Instagram

The Ridiculousness star knows a thing or two when it comes to maintaining a healthy and happy home. In March, the rapper took In Touch on an exclusive tour of her California digs where she showed off some of her favorite rooms.

It may come as no surprise Chanel does “most of her living” in her living room. “Mainly because I have a great sound system on my Samsung soundbar,” Chanel explained. “I like to play all my music on there. I love to write my music in here, bump it really loud, listen to a lot of my mixes. So I do spend a lot of time in this room, and I love to have friends over so we spend a lot of time in here.”

The “Black Roses” singer also revealed she has an eye for interior design and likes to embrace edgy décor, such as her black paper towels. “Everybody is so intrigued by the black paper towels. It’s a custom designer paper towel holder and these are the most expensive paper towels. So they’re just for show,” she admitted. “When somebody comes over here and tries to use it, I instantly pull out the white [paper towels] from the cupboard.”

While every aspect of the artist’s home is unique to her, the bubbly musician’s bedroom definitely represents her the most — especially the neon sign that hangs above her bed. “It was all a dream,” reads the famous quote from late rapper Biggie Smalls. “I felt like it was the perfect quote to put above my bed because this is where I obviously do a lot of dreaming and my dreams are not just dreams,” Chanel shared. “I will dream and have visions for music videos, dream and have visions for songs,” she said, adding, “I’m out here making moves and my dreams.”

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