Now this is a meatball problem! The Buckhead Shore cast may be starring in a show that’s a part of the Jersey Shore franchise, but some of the cast members reveal they weren’t allowed to watch the hit MTV show growing up in an exclusive interview with In Touch

My mom actually [had MTV] blocked, so I never got to watch it like ever,” Adamo Giraldo says.  “And then, of course, she went through all that trouble and now look at me.”

Savannah Gabriel also admits that she wasn’t allowed to watch the show when she was younger, however, she thought Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio was “really hot.” 

While the two had rather strict rules as kids, some of the upcoming MTV stars were big Jersey Shore fans at such a young age, but who wasn’t? The fist pumps had us in a chokehold for years!

“I grew up watching Jersey Shore, so I know everything about all of them. I’m a big fan,” Pat Muresan says. 

'Buckhead Shore' Cast Reveals They Weren't Allowed to Watch 'Jersey Shore' When They Were Younger
Buckhead Shore

Fans will meet the Buckhead Shore cast during the series premiere on Thursday, June 23, when the rowdy and boujee group of friends can be seen spending their summer lakeside in Atlanta. Some of the cast come from hot shot parents while others, like Parker Lipman’s family, own massive fast food chains in the Southeast. 

Unlike Jersey Shore, where the cast were strangers during the series finale, the Buckhead clan have been friends for nearly a decade and even refer to themselves as “one, big dysfunctional ass family.” Additionally, you won’t see them breaking it down on the dance floor at nightclubs like Karma, since the show is filmed around their downtime at Parker’s family lake house.

“The lake house for us is a place for us to escape because Buckhead is very fast-paced and there’s always something going on,” Parker says. 

The cast is just as eager for the new show to premiere as the reality television and MTV stans are. They have been promoting the series all over social media, hyping up the drama and fun that’s bound to go down this summer.

“Buckhead Shore is going to be Juicy Juicy Juicy!” Chelsea Prescott captioned her June 2022 Instagram post. “Counting down the days till the premier … Let’s see how Virginia’s finest gets down in Buckhead, ATL.”

Buckhead Shore premieres on MTV on Thursday, June 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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