You OK there, Brad Pitt? Despite winning an Oscar, the actor “trudged off stage” after he was asked a question about his kids, an eyewitness tells In Touch exclusively of the 56-year-old’s time backstage the 2020 Oscars. Brad “admitted he gets very nervous in front of press and big crowds,” the insider notes. “He stepped back from the microphone a lot and wiped his brow when the last question ended.”

After the Q&A concluded, the Ad Astra star exited the area “slumped over as if that five minutes sucked all the life out of him,” the source shares.

Brad Pitt Wearing a Tuxeedo at the Oscars
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Earlier in the night, the handsome hunk mentioned his kids after he took home the trophy on Sunday, February 9, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Later on, a reporter mentioned Quentin Tarantino previously said Brad’s oldest son, Maddox, “delivered one of the best film reviews he’s ever heard.”

However, the Fight Club alum didn’t want to elaborate on his son’s kind words. “I keep that … that’s, like, um … I just keep that indoors,” he said. Additionally, Brad said he didn’t “know” how he was going to celebrate his big win for Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood with his children.

In December 2019, Quentin got candid about how the 18-year-old critiqued his father’s movie. “So, [Pitt] walks in with Maddox, and they sit in the back, and Maddox really loved it, and [Pitt] was really proud of him,” the director said during an interview with the podcast “ReelBlend.”

“His mom [Angelina Jolie] is waiting for them, and they come walking through the door and Angie goes, ‘So, Maddox, did you like the movie?’” Quentin added. Apparently, Maddox couldn’t help but rave about the film and liked “the ugly guy” in particular.

Maddox and Brad have had a distant relationship recently. Angelina, 44, took Maddox to South Korea to move him into his dorm in August 2019, but Brad wasn’t in attendance. When asked if Brad would be flying to Asia to see him, Maddox replied, “Whatever happens, happens,” in an exclusive video obtained by In Touch.

Ultimately, the Oklahoma native is optimistic he will be able to patch things up with his oldest child in the future. “He feels he has a different relationship with all his kids,” an insider previously told In Touch exclusively. “Of course, Maddox still has some issues with him, but from what I’ve heard their relationship is a work in progress, and Brad is very hopeful.”

As for if Brad’s kids will go into show business like their father? “I want them to follow their bliss,” he explained in the press room. “You know, follow their passions, whatever they’re most interested in. And I think it’s about guiding as you can. But that they get to try everything on and find out where their passion lies. So, sure. Why not?”

Brad Pitt With His 3 Kids at an Event
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Sounds like Brad is just trying to be the best dad possible.

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