People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a.k.a. PETA, has taken issue with Big Boi for wearing a fur coat during his Super Bowl halftime performance. The organization took to Twitter on Sunday, February 3, to slam the rapper, 44, for his wardrobe choice.

“Hey, ! The way you move is horrifying when animals have to DIE for your outfit,” they wrote, along with the hashtags “.”

It didn’t take long for other users to comment on their post, with one person writing, “Shame on you dude it’s 2019 many alternatives are available for coats rather than animals.” Another agreed adding, “SAD. No compassionate awareness,” and a third echoed, “I really hope that was fake otherwise please grow up and replace that horrible fashion with something cool and compassionate.”

In a separate tweet, PETA fumed, “If animals have to be murdered for your coat, just choose something else for fox sake. @BigBoi.”

The company also took aim at Budweiser for including a horse-drawn wagon in its ad and said Hyundai was made up of “people with outdated ideas” after they included a joke about vegan dinner parties.

Of course, this wasn’t the only thing people criticized the halftime show for. Nay, this is the Internet, after all! One of the most talked about subjects seemed to be about headliner Maroon 5, or more specifically, Adam Levine’s nipples. Yes, you read that correctly.

“Wow. So brave of Adam Levine to honor Janet Jackson‘s legacy by showing us both his nipples,” someone wrote, referencing 2004’s Nipplegate. Another said, “I did not witness it myself but my sources tell me Adam Levine’s nipples were definitely on display during the halftime show. Sounds like a double standard to moi.”

Welp, you can ‘t please everyone. So far, there has been no response from Big Boi regarding PETA’s comments.

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