People are not exactly thrilled with this. Adam Levine took off his shirt during the Maroon 5 Super Bowl halftime show and consequently showed his nipples, and people are upset since Janet Jackson was once villainized for her infamous #nipplegate moment. A lot of viewers think it’s a bit of a double standard that Adam, 39, was allowed to show off his nipples while Janet, 52, almost lost her career for doing the same thing.

The reactions to Adam’s own #nipplegate moment were mixed. Some people were pumped to see the Maroon 5 frontman with his shirt off, while others were really pissed that he could strip down when Janet got in trouble for a slight boob flash. But the best reactions were probably the funny, meme-able ones.

“Now I have to explain to my children that Adam Levine has nipples,” one Twitter user hilariously tweeted. Another wrote, “Wow. so brave of Adam Levine to honor Janet Jackson’s legacy by showing us both his nipples.”

Others wanted to talk about what appears to be a serious double standard at play here. “Where’s the #nipple outrage? @JanetJackson shows one and it a state of emergency. @adamlevine shows two and everyone is all 🤷🏻‍♂️. #doublestandard,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “I did not witness it myself but my sources tell me Adam Levine’s nipples were definitely on display during the halftime show. Sounds like a double standard to moi.”

It does seem a little bit like a double standard that it feels like Janet was punished when Justin Timberlake pulled off part of her outfit and briefly exposed her right breast during their halftime show performance, but Adam stripped down with no issue. Can we just get over it, people? They’re nipples. We (for the most part) all have them. (The real controversy here should be just how lackluster that halftime show performance was if you ask us.)

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