Uhhh, WHAT just happened? We thought we were watching a Bud Light commercial, which is classic Super Bowl fodder, but it was only about 30 seconds before a giant dragon swooped in and burnt the Bud Light knight to a crisp. As it turns out, we were actually watching a commercial for Game of Thrones‘ final season on HBO. The show and beer company teamed up to make the ad together — and it basically blew our minds. Check out the ad in the video above. 

See what we mean? The Budweiser commercials are consistently some of the best spots during the big game, and we’ve seen some of their “Dilly Dilly” ads before during football games. This one, though, is next level. When the spots first started back in 2017, they were clearly inspired by the success of the HBO show. The creator of the concept confessed to as much, telling Business Insider that they had the the show in mind. Now, they’ve finally collaborated with them. And it’s not just that they had The Mountain come in and crush the Bud Light knight before one of Daenerys’ dragons burn them all to a crisp. They legit even brought one of the show’s directors on board to help put the spot together.

The Bud Light-turned-GOT ad was just another of the show’s famous plot twists — and it didn’t give viewers a single clue into how the final season of the show is going to play out. We can guess that there will be probably be gore and dragon fire aplenty, but, well, we already knew that. Still, this is one commercial that we’ll definitely be talking about even once the game ends, and we’re pretty sure it’ll go into the Super Bowl commercial hall of fame. Cardi B’s Pepsi commercial may have been pretty epic, but it just couldn’t compete, okurrrr?

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