Call it a marital makeover. In the months since Kanye West spiritually “wed” Bianca Censori, the Aussie beauty has been paraded around by the rapper in increasingly skimpy outfits that range from questionable to downright bizarre. On a recent jaunt to Italy, for example, the 28-year-old appeared in a low-cut, semi-sheer white thong bodysuit with sheer white hose pulled to the waist, exposing her ample assets. On her head: a nude wrap that looked more like a wig cap than a hat.

Another time, the duo took to the sidewalk barefoot. And let’s not forget an earlier look that had the architect’s face swathed in nylon and her arms rendered useless by a 3-D tube dress.“Kanye loves to see her in see-through bodysuits, crop tops and thongs,” an insider tells In Touch. “She’s going along because she wants to please him.”

kanye and bianca walking
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It’s all a bit much, leaving fans pondering the true nature of the Jesus Is King rapper’s relationship with his current muse. (“I’m wondering if she is being mind-controlled?” was a typical online comment.) “A lot of people think it’s weird,” notes the insider. “He’s showing off his new wife in barely there attire.” 

A New Doll

The pair got together after Kanye, 46, hired Bianca to work at his Yeezy fashion label. “Word is he sent her a message on social media and he asked her to come work for him,” says the insider. “She calls herself an ‘architect,’ but that’s a glorified title.” In fact, the Melbourne-based university grad had been designing jewelry with a friend prior to moving to L.A. and joining the Yeezy design team. Once she arrived, she was quickly drawn to the charismatic but troubled star. “She had a crush on Kanye from the start,” reveals the insider, noting that his marriage to Kim Kardashian was crumbling at the time. “Clearly he reciprocated those feelings.”

In December 2022 he even released a track in her honor called “Censori Overload.” The next month, they had a commitment ceremony in Beverly Hills. All the while, the designer, who once likened himself to Michelangelo, was dressing Bianca to reflect his taste. (For his part, he likes to wear padded T-shirts and statement footwear.) “She’s very much a willing participant in this and likes to flaunt what she’s got,” adds the insider. “And Kanye’s encouraging her too.”

kanye walking in big boots
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History Repeats

If that all sounds a bit familiar, that’s because it is. In 2012, the “Gold Digger” singer left then-wife Kim in tears when he went through her closet and replaced her flashy designer wardrobe with strictly monochrome, mostly covered-up duds. But just a few years later, the mom of four was, like Bianca, not questioning the fact that her husband controlled her every look. Ironically, she even credited him with inspiring her to be more of an individual. “It really helped me fall in love with fashion, and I eventually did get rid of most of that stuff and my style has evolved and changed,” she later said. “But I didn’t see it at the time, I had to work it out myself.”

Kim and kanye holding hands 2012
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Hindsight, of course, is 20/20. The insider tells In Touch Kim is well aware of the dynamic between her ex and his new love — and it creeps her out that he’s making Bianca “the next Kim.” Says the insider. “Kim doesn’t like the situation one bit.” Still, better Bianca than her. “Kim is actually relieved Kanye’s found someone who can put up with him,” says the insider. And with his thongs! 

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