Think Bear Brown is going to follow in his parents’ footsteps and choose an unusual name for his future son or daughter? According to his pregnant girlfriend, the parents-to-be already have ideas about what to name their baby. On Monday, September 30, Raiven Adams revealed in an Instagram Q&A that she and the Alaskan Bush People star had already talked about what they’ll call the newest member of the wolf pack. While answering questions about her pregnancy and relationship, she admitted that was a topic they covered on day one.

“Are you and Bear both deciding on the baby name?” a fan wanted to know. Though the couple recently decided to give their relationship a second chance, they called off their engagement earlier in the month and briefly decided to stay friends. Most of the fans seemed to have submitted questions before Bear, 31, announced their reunion, but Raiven, 21, revealed they’d been on the same page about this decision even during their split. “It is Bear’s baby just as much as mine, so yes,” she said. “But we picked out names right when we found out.”

Raiven and Bear Brown Have Picked Baby Names
Courtesy of Raiven Adams/Instagram

Though she didn’t hint at what those names might be, we have no doubt that the self-proclaimed King of Extreme will find an appropriately awesome name for his kid. And if he needs inspiration, he need look no further than the names Billy and Ami Brown gave him and his siblings. The Discovery Channel stars have some seriously weird monikers, and we’re not just talking about Bear. Though Bam Bam Brown doesn’t go by his first name, that is his real middle name. Bear may be a made up nickname, but his middle name is Freedom. Gabe Brown‘s middle name is Starbuck, and Noah Brown‘s is Darkcloud. And we won’t even mention how Rain Brown‘s full name is Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown (oops, we just did).

Let’s be honest. Raiven’s name is also pretty extreme, especially with its unique spelling. There’s no way these two haven’t come up with something incredibly creative — but even if they haven’t, they’ve still got plenty of time. Like the mom-to-be told another fan during the Q&A, she’s only 10 weeks along. They don’t even know the gender yet or “have much [they] can post about.” Rest assured, though, the baby updates are coming. “I’m sure [Bear] will [start posting about the baby] as soon as stuff starts happening,” the model promised.

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