Are More Seasons of 'Are You the One?' Coming to Netflix? Here's What We Know

On December 1, 2020, Netflix subscribers were blessed with seasons 1 and 2 of MTV’s reality dating series Are You the One? Of course, it didn’t take long for viewers to get hooked … again! Whether you were watching the episodes for the first time or reliving all the glory from 2014, it’s safe to say Are You the One? is taking over the streaming platform. Question is, will Netflix be picking up the other six seasons? To learn more about that, as well as spoilers, the plot and how to watch, keep reading! 

Will other seasons of Are You the One? be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to reveal whether or not the remaining seasons of AYTO? will be available to stream on their platform. However, given the resurgence of interest in the series, it seems likely!

How to watch every season of Are You the One?

If you simply can’t wait for Netflix, no fear! There are plenty of other places to stream episodes. For starters, you can head over to Granted, there will be commercials, but you can always just scroll through Instagram while they play! Additionally, ATYO? is available on CBS All Access with a subscription, and for purchase on YouTube, Google Play and Vudu.

What is Are You the One? about?

If you’re still on the fence about giving the series a try, we get it! With so many dating shows out there nowadays, what makes AYTO? special? Basically, 10 individuals who are “bad at love” are sent to a beautiful, remote location to find their predetermined Perfect Match through a series of challenges.

Each week, everyone couples up to compete. More often than not, three or four couples will be deemed the winners of said challenge and are rewarded with a special date. Out of those couples, one will be voted into the Truth Booth to see if they’re actually a perfect match. If they are, they spend the duration of their time in the Honeymoon Suite. If they’re not, it’s back into the dating pool! The ultimate goal is to reach 10 perfect matches in order to receive the grand prize of one million dollars.

Although the Truth Booth is the only guaranteed way to determine a perfect match, the Matchup Ceremony does help track the team’s progress. During that time, contestants choose a partner, “lock in” to the system and take a seat. After everyone is done selecting, they wait for 10 beams of light to go off. Anything less than 10 means they still have some work to do!

*Warning: spoilers ahead.* In theory, all of that seems pretty straight-forward. In execution, well … not so much. Take Chris Tolleson and Shanley McIntee from season 1, for example.

They found out they weren’t a perfect match during the first Truth Booth. Instead of giving other people in the house a chance, they continued to build their romantic relationship. Then, there was a major plot twist in season 2, involving an 11th girl! That’s right, one of the men had two perfect matches. Naturally, that created all sorts of drama.

Overall, you’ll never get bored binge-watching Are You the One?

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