Here's Where Chris T. and Shanley From 'Are You the One?' Season 1 Stand Today

With season 1 of Are You the One? now streaming on Netflix, fans everywhere are falling in love with the hit MTV series, which originally aired in January 2014, all over again. While all 10 of the contestants were entertaining in their own right, Chris Tolleson (a.k.a. Chris T) and Shanley McIntee‘s love story was by far the most captivating plot point. After all, who doesn’t love to watch two star-crossed lovers defy the odds to be together? It was down-right Shakespearean! Question is, are Chris and Shanley still together over six years later? Keep reading to find out where the couple stands today!

Chris and Shanley weren’t each other’s Perfect Match:

To recap, the premise of AYTO? is pretty simple … in theory, anyway. 20 people are sent to live in a beautiful, remote location where they’ll get to know each other through a series of challenges and ultimately, find their predetermined Perfect Match. The only way to confirm a Perfect Match is to enter the Truth Booth.

OK, back to Chris and Shanley. The pair immediately hit it off during episode 1, “Can You Handle the Truth?” Based on their quick connection, the team decided it was a no-brainer to send them into the first Truth Booth. Plot twist: They weren’t a Perfect Match. Naturally, both Chris and Shanley were heartbroken but quickly decided they were going to ignore the “rules” of the game and continue to build a relationship.

Here's Where Chris T. and Shanley From 'Are You the One?' Season 1 Stand Today

In episode 6, “Turn the Paige,” Chris T. discovered his Perfect Match was actually Paige Brendel. As a result, the two were sent to live in the Honeymoon Suite for the duration of the season. Even so, he and Shanley, whose Perfect Match was Adam Kuhn, remained loyal to one another and maintained their relationship after the show ended.

However, during the reunion special, things came to a head. “We were solid for a second, and then it became too much,” Chris explained. “We know why we’re not a perfect match. We’ve understood that, and I want everybody else to know, I’m a very physical [person], and he’s a very vocal person. Distance does not work between two people like that,” Shanley added.

While Chris and Shanley were struggling to make things work, Paige somehow ended up back in the picture. While Chris insisted nothing physical ever happened between them, they did exchange some sexy photos via text, which left Shanley very upset.

Are Chris and Shanley still together?

Sadly, no. According to Instagram, Shanley is living her best life in Los Angeles with boyfriend Cameron Porras. As for Chris, his account is set to private but his bio reads: “Papa Bear,” and there is a photo of himself and a child in his profile picture. Moreover, Chris has a second Instagram account entirely dedicated “for those who love to fish.”

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