The Duggar girls may have incredible skills when it comes to cooking for a lot of people, but when it comes to cooking actually appetizing meals, well, that’s where they start to struggle. Especially Jill Duggar, who’s become nearly as famous for her off-putting recipes as she was for starring on Counting On. After she revealed her latest dish, though, fans discovered that not even her own family likes her cooking. In the comments of her Instagram post, her sister-in-law Anna Duggar admitted that her kids actually refuse to eat that particular dinner. Watch the video above to see the recipe and what Anna said, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

We have to admit, though, that this is one recipe that we actually don’t think sounds all that bad. Recently, the mom-of-two surprised us with some kind of yummy-looking cinnamon rolls, and it seemed like she might have actually started to find dishes that work for her. When it comes to desserts, she doesn’t do a half-bad job. Even though her brownies occasionally look like a pan full of mud, they still sound like they taste great. The “Chicken Etti” she shared sounded like it could be okay, too — but of course, that might be because it’s actually a Keller family recipe.

Yep, Jill revealed in her blog that she actually first tried the dish when Anna and her family made it for all the Duggars back in the day. Though she’s learned how to spice it up herself over the years — and by that she means literally “spice” it up by doubling the tomatoes and green chilis in the recipe — it’s not exactly a Duggar original. Of course, most of the recipes that she shares are “a collection of [their] favorites” and not necessary something she created herself. So does that make it any better or worse that Jill’s nieces and nephews refuse to touch the dish? We’re not sure, but hey, if they don’t want it, we might be willing to try a bite or two.

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