Angelina Jolie’s lawyers claimed that Brad Pitt’s “physical abuse” didn’t begin during ​their alleged fight during a family plane ride in 2016. The accusation was brought forth amid their court battle over their $164 million French winery Château Miraval.

“While Pitt’s history of physical abuse of Jolie started well before the family’s September 2016 plane trip from France to Los Angeles, this flight marked the first time he turned his physical abuse on the children as well,” Angelina’s lawyers stated in a court filing, according to People. “Jolie then immediately left him.”

The alleged timing comes amid the April filing of court paperwork, submitted with the goal of releasing communications that will allegedly show Brad wouldn’t let Angelina share her portion of the winery until she agreed to an “expansive” and “more onerous” NDA.

“Jolie’s sealed filing, which included emails, summaries of the family’s expected testimony and other evidence, caused Pitt to fear that the information could eventually become public,” Angelina’s attorneys alleged, claiming that her ex wanted her to “contractually bind herself to that silence” about his alleged “personal misconduct, whether related to Miraval or not.”

Brad, meanwhile, claimed in a July 2023 filing that Angelina was the party who desired an “even broader non-disparagement clause” as part of their legal separation, while Brad’s team supposedly provided “narrower” parameters “intended to protect the business.”

The 2023 documents state, “The clause also made clear that there would be no limitation on Jolie’s ability to speak in connection with Pitt and Jolie’s divorce or custody proceedings. It specifically provided: This commitment shall however not limit the ability, for any Party, to make any claims, filings or testimony in any legal proceedings.”

In 2022, In Touch obtained a court document filed by Angelina, 48, under the name “Ms. Doe” to protect her identity. The September 27, 2016, filing was submitted less than two weeks after Angelina and Brad’s trip on their private jet with their kids allegedly got physical.

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith costars share children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox.

In the file, Angelina claimed that Brad, 60, “yelled at her” and then “grabbed her by her head, shaking her” while intoxicated. The report claimed that the Babylon actor “pushed her into the bathroom wall and was yelling things like, ‘You’re f–king up this family.’”

That October, Brad denied the accusations via his lawyer, Anne Kiley. “Brad has owned everything he’s responsible for from day one —unlike the other side — but he’s not going to own anything he didn’t do,” she told NBC News in a statement. “He has been on the receiving end of every type of personal attack and misrepresentation.”

A source close to him additionally told People at the time, “It’s incredibly sad that she continues to rehash, revise and reimagine her description of an event that happened six years ago, adding in completely untrue information to try to get additional attention for herself at the expense of their family.”

Amid the domestic abuse claims and their ongoing custody battle over their minor kids, Brad and Angelina are also battling over Château Miraval. Following their separation, Angelina allegedly attempted to make a buyout deal with Brad, who declined the offer. So, she reportedly made a whopping $67 million deal with Yuri Shefler and sold him her share. In 2024, Brad gained a victory after a judge declared him the majority owner of the winery, controlling 50 percent of the property, allowing him to sue her for selling her portion of the estate without his consent.

“It’s a huge win for Brad,” a source exclusively told In Touch in February.

Angelina, however, hasn’t handled her ongoing fight with Brad too well.

“The sheer scale of stress she’s walking around with — plus the insomnia, panic attacks and all-consuming anger she feels — has wrecked her self-esteem and trashed her reputation,” a source exclusively told In Touch in March. “Brad seems out to crush her any way he can — and this is not good for someone with her health history!”

The insider went on to explain that “the stress with Brad is doing [Angelina] no good at all.” “He just won’t let this die. She can’t believe he’s being so vindictive. People think Brad is truly sick for twisting the knife time and again and not giving her a break — but Team Pitt insists she’s the one who done him wrong.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential support.

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