Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes won’t pretend that their relationship is perfect, and they revealed they often have intense fights.

“We fight about the same things, but not about the small things,” T.J., 46, said during the Sunday, April 21, episode of their “Amy & T.J. Podcast.” He then added that they have “the same fight” once every six weeks.

“It drives us both crazy,” Amy, 51, chimed in. “But we don’t frequently bicker. I would never describe what we do as ‘bicker.‘”

T.J. agreed, adding that their arguments are “big blowouts.” He continued, “If we’re gonna do this, let’s do this.”

“It’s go big or go home,” Amy said about their arguments.

The couple’s secret romance was exposed in November 2022, which stirred controversy because she was still married to Andrew Shue and he was married to Marilee Fiebig. Despite insisting that they were in the process of divorcing their spouses when their relationship turned romantic, Amy and T.J. ultimately lost their jobs cohosting Good Morning America in light of the scandal. They have both finalized their divorces since their relationship news broke.

After living life out of the spotlight for nearly one year, the pair reunited professionally to launch their podcast in December 2023. Fans have gotten inside looks into their relationship dynamic, and they even had a heated fight over their communication issues during a January episode.

They recalled the fight during the January 23 episode, admitting the podcast taping “spawned at least one and maybe two other” arguments.

“If you’re not in a good place already, that sets up someone perfectly to be an even bigger a–hole than they were during the actual fight, because no one wants that person to say, ‘Aha, I told you, or I was right.’ Nobody wants that,” T.J. said.

The former CNN anchor told their listeners that they had to listen back to the podcast episode as producers, admitting he grew “more upset” with Amy as they heard the fight.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Admit They Have 'Blowout' Fights 'Every Six Weeks'
Courtesy of Amy Robach/Instagram

“That was upsetting to me,” Amy responded. “I don’t think I ever want to record our fight again because if I made you mad the first time it’s like with time and space you get re-angered or more angry.”

T.J. said he “didn’t like” listening the the fight because it was like “relieving a trauma.”

Amy added that she and T.J. “caught things” that they missed during “the actual argument” in the process of listening to it. “So then there were more problems to deal with,” she said.

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