TMI alert! During the January 9 episode of their Amy & T.J. podcast, loved-up former news anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes didn’t hold back, sharing shocking details of their drinking habits and sex life, revealing they spent $2,869 on booze in just one month and that they both like “sex more than foreplay” and prefer “cuffs over rope” in the bedroom.

Not the chat you’d expect from a pair of well-respected journalists covering presidential elections and interviewing top health experts on Good Morning America. But that was before the pair were famously fired from the chat show in December 2022, shortly after their illicit romance went public.

At the time, Amy, 50, was married to Andrew Shue and T.J., 46, was with wife Marilee Feibig. Both insist their marriages were over before they got involved. (In a twist, Andrew and Marilee are currently dating.)

Since debuting their podcast in late 2023, they’ve been going off the deep end with cringeworthy confessions. “It’s been fun for Amy and T.J. to talk about things that weren’t acceptable on GMA,” a source tells In Touch exclusively, “but friends and former associates are turned off. They think they’re total narcissists.”

Loving the Spotlight

The pair spent most of 2023 in their own little bubble. “They’re glued to each other 24/7 or close to it,” says the source. “Their worlds totally revolve around each other.”

After they lost their jobs amid the scandal, says the source, they treated their time like “funemployment.” Amy admits she began drinking heavily. (She shares daughters Ava, 21, and Annalise, 17, with first husband Tim McIntosh, while T.J. is dad to daughter Brianna and son Jaiden with first wife Amy Ferson and Sabine, 11, with Marilee.)

“I didn’t have a job to go to. I was staying away from a lot of friends and family,” she said, while discussing their choice to give up alcohol for “Dry January.” “We were laying low. So what did I do? I drank a lot.” (T.J. admitted he’d be two drinks in by 10 a.m.)

Not that they’re prone to regret. “The way Amy and T.J. see it, they did nothing wrong, and they feel no shame,” says the insider. To them, spilling all on their podcast is just another way to show their love.

“They want people to see them for who they are, and that they’re made for each other,” says the source. They feel like what they’re doing is important.”

Pals think Amy and T.J. are still getting off on all the attention their affair garnered.

“They’re making the most of it on their podcast,” says the source, adding that the benefits of sharing bedroom secrets with their listeners are more than financial.

“It’s also helping to keep things exciting in their romance. They’re doing all they can to keep fanning those flames.”

Under the Radar

Their exes are taking a different approach to their relationship. “Unlike Amy and T.J., Andrew and Marilee prefer to keep things private,” says the source. However, the duo didn’t exactly mind when news of their hookup overshadowed the debut of Amy and T.J’s podcast in early December.

“Amy and T.J. were definitely annoyed by that,” reveals the source. “Ironically, some people think T.J. and Amy will fizzle in time, but say Marilee and Andrew have staying power. They’re both good people.”

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