After T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were fired by ABC in January 2023 after being suspended from GMA 3 over their relationship, the pair began relying heavily on alcohol to get through their days, the duo has revealed.

T.J. 46, admitted he could “easily go through 18 drinks” a day, while Amy, 50, confessed she was going through “over 30 drinks a week,” during 2023, the pair shared during their “Amy & T.J” podcast on Thursday, January 11.

The Arkansas native broke down how he came upon the number, as they pair would go on morning runs that would often end at a bar. “Now we will run at 8 or 9 in the morning …. and I come back, and we have a beer,” T.J. said, revealing he usually had two drinks in him before lunch.

The couple would have at least two more drinks with lunch, and T.J. confessed he could “easily have a drink in [his] hand from two in the afternoon until seven, eight, nine, ten at night.”

“So, you do those numbers and that’s a drink an hour for another eight hours — or even less — but that is another eight hours of a drink in hand, plus the four I had during the day,” he explained.

Amy said her reason for drinking heavily was because she had little else to do. “I didn’t have a job to go to and I was away from a lot of friends and family. We were laying low. So, what did I do? I drank a lot. A lot more than I ever have. I don’t think I have ever gone a full year where I drink every single day and that was 2023 for me,” she confessed.

The former Good Morning America anchor said, “It wasn’t that I was getting wasted or drunk or any of that. It was just keeping a buzz going all day or at least keeping a relaxed state of mind in a heightened, anxious year.”

The couple got a rude awakening when they decided to add up how much they spent via an alcohol delivery app and bar receipts for the month of December 2023, with the total coming to a whopping $2,869, which didn’t include how much they spent during trips to the liquor store.

As a result, T.J. and Amy are now participating in “Dry January,” and haven’t had a drink since 2024 began. It is a first for Amy, although T.J. has participated in the dry out month in the past.

“I don’t know that I would have felt comfortable or — honestly this may sound crazy — but I don’t know if I would have felt brave enough or courageous enough to say, ‘I am 100 percent going cold turkey this month,’ if you hadn’t said, ‘I’m doing it and we can do it together,'” Amy told her partner.

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