Amber Portwood rose to fame by showing off her pregnancy on television, so you'd think fan would know what to expect by now! The Teen Mom OG star is eight months pregnant with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, and she just celebrated the impending birth of her first son with a baby shower over the weekend. It looked like a blast full of games, food, family and friends, but fans were only focused on one thing: the size of her baby bump. Watch the video above to see her controversial tummy.

"She has stayed soooooo tiny this pregnancy," said one person. Fans were so confused by her stomach that they started to speculate that something was off. "Uhh she was carrying bigger in the last episode then in this picture. I smell a conspiracy theory not some lame excuse of her carrying differently," said one reddit fan. Another said, "I believe Amber is pregnant. However, I wouldn’t put it past her to engage in such a desperate stunt."

However, many other mothers rushed to her defense. "Some people don't show. I'm popping out at five months pregnant currently but this was 100% me at 8.5 months pregnant with my first son," said one person. Another thinks that she may have lost weight in the rest of her body, giving the illusion that her bump was smaller than it should be. "I think she looks great! I bet she's been watching her diet due to her gestational diabetes (they had fruit salad instead of a cake), plus she has/had terrible morning sickness so I'm not surprised she's smaller."

What's with this new trend of shaming mothers over the size of their baby bump? Fans reacted similarly to Jinger Duggar's tiny tummy, but she put them all to shame when her bump finally popped soon after. Maybe that will happen to Amber, or maybe it won't. Either way, take it easy on her, she's only a month away from giving birth for cryin' out loud!

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