After Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown revealed he’s finally going to meet son River, ex-fiancée Raiven Adams claims she hasn’t actually heard from him in an exclusive statement to In Touch. Raiven alleges Bear has not reached out to make plans for a visit and claims he “doesn’t call or try to be involved” other than the posts he shares online.

“He has always been welcome to see him,” Raiven, 22, claims to In Touch. “He is acting like he can’t see him, which is very strange. … I’ve even offered to bring our son to him,” she adds. “I don’t think he understands what being a parent is yet. Hopefully when he meets him, it will change his view and help him focus on our son. Custody should always be about healthy and safe ways to have the best relationship with both parents.”

The mom, who appeared on season 11 of the Discovery Channel show, expressed her frustration with her ex speaking out about their son without actually contacting her in private, suggesting Bear, 33, is “using [River] for views.” She claims, “He continues to lie to the public and lead people to believe I’ve prevented him from meeting [our son]. All I did was try and keep my son safe and come to an agreement that was best for him.”

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Son River With Mom Raiven
Courtesy Raiven Adams

The exes faced some legal drama after Raiven went public with allegations of abuse. In February, In Touch confirmed she filed and was granted a short-term Petition for Domestic Violence Protective Order. In March, The Sun reported the order was dissolved by a judge at Raiven’s request. The courts became involved in the parents’ relationship once more just days later when Bear filed a petition to confirm he is the father. In May, he announced on Instagram that his paternity was officially recognized by the court following a DNA test.

The model says she’s always wanted her ex to be involved in their son’s life. She believes Bear is publicly retaliating by “bashing her online and slandering her name” because she sought legal help and moved on. In a July 10 post, the father claimed his ex is the one “who was abusive” and accused her of continuing to be so by “lying” about him. “I never did any drugs,” he claimed. “I never threatened her with a gun or anything else she has said I did! She didn’t even tell me until two days after River was born! It’s sad that someone I loved would treat me [in] such a way! It’s heartbreaking!” A week later, he shared a screenshot of documents that allegedly showed him testing negative for amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and cocaine.

However, Raiven says she reached out to Bear’s lawyer after she recovered from giving birth, only 24 hours after River was born. She also stands by the claims she made in her restraining order filing. “If I was abusive, he [had] plenty of resources to get me in trouble, and I wouldn’t have custody of our son,” she says. She claims she reached out to both his family and Discovery Channel for help before getting lawyers involved.

The mom shares she “just wants her son happy” and to make sure he’s not a “pawn” in their relationship drama. “[River] will only have one mom and one dad, and I pray that things work themselves out. Slandering someone online for public gain is not in the interest of our child’s well being, and it’s sad. I was never paid for the show because I didn’t agree to stay. I don’t use him for financial gain,” she said. “No one can believe that I genuinely just want my child to be happy. … I’m blessed to be a mom and I’m just trying my hardest to be a good one. … All that needs to be done is doing what’s best for our child and trying to coparent [is] in his best interest.”

In Touch reached out to Bear Brown for comment. Discovery Channel declined In Touch’s request for comment.

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