Opening up. Adrienne Bailon returned to her YouTube Channel, “All Things Adrienne,” after a two-month hiatus with an update regarding her family’s health. According to The Real co-host, she, as well as her mom, had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and it resulted in her mother, Nilda Felix, being rushed to the emergency room. In the 22-minute video, Adrienne reveals that if it hadn’t been for her sister-in-law advocating on her mother’s behalf to get the antibody cocktail, she may not have made it.

The 37-year-old decided to share her experience with fans in hopes that it could save more lives. “[My family and I] recognized that we had gone through something and that we lived to tell about it and that in itself, we just felt so grateful,” she exclusively told In Touch regarding her decision to make the video. “And then one day actually a friend of my brother-in-law’s called and was saying that his mother had COVID-19 as well. So we all rallied together and we’re like, ‘What numbers would we call? How can we get them in touch? How can we get this person the same help that we got my mother?’ And when we finished that night, she ended up getting the antibody cocktail as well.”

Adrienne Bailon
AllThingsAdrienne / YouTube

“This woman, who I think is in her seventies, ended up doing so much better, and we just said, ‘Man, if we were able to help mom and we were able to help Lola, if people had this information, maybe it could be helpful to them as well,'” the XIXI founder continued. “And that’s when we realized we really should share our story.”

The LA VOÛTE founder said the entire ordeal was “scary” and it took them doing their research, calling their primary care doctor and advocating for themselves. “It’s so important to have somebody that knows your overall medical history and learning how to advocate for yourself,” she said. “At some point, the doctor told my sister, ‘We don’t know what [the antibody cocktail] is. We don’t know enough about the cocktail to call and say she can get it.’ We were like, ‘No, we know this is available. This is what we need. If there’s a possibility this can make her better, we need that possibility.'”

“I think the scariest moment is when even doctors can’t give you answers because they don’t know enough about [COVID-19] still,” Adrienne continued. “There’s just so much that’s unknown … and that was really scary.”

Thankfully, Adrienne and her family are feeling much better since having coronavirus. “We are doing so much better,” the former Disney Channel star divulged. “I think fatigue is still something that lingers. So I get tired faster during the day, same for my mom … I know my mom sometimes feels extra winded from doing simpler things. It’s just building that stamina back up.”

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