You’d think a guy who lives with seven girls would be grateful for a little bit of a break, but not OutDaughtered star Adam Busby! The father-of-six headed out to a conference the whole family was attending a day early, but when he got there, he discovered that life is a little lonely when you’re not surrounded by the big Busby brood. In a super sweet message shared to his Instagram story, the husband even admitted he was missing wife Danielle Busby a lot — like, so much that it was awkward not having her around.

“I am missing my wife terribly,” he said in a video shared from the banquet he was attending stag. “I mean, it’s one of those things where you get all fancied up and I don’t even have a date, so I’m going solo tonight, but I’m missing you, Danielle,” he shared. “I will see you tomorrow with all the kids.” Luckily, the dad didn’t have to wait too long for the rest of his crew to come. But in the meantime, he did still have to face at least one more meal alone. “[It’s], like, super rare and very awkward,” he said about eating by himself. “I’m actually having breakfast by myself.”

Guess when you get used to having five 3-year-olds hanging off of you at all times, it’s a pretty big adjustment to being able to drink some juice and eat some toast in peace! If you follow the family’s busy lives online or through their TLC show, you already know that these cute kids are a handful. Big sister Blayke may be a great role model for the tiny tots, but it’s still complete chaos whenever they need to go to the grocery store or hop on a plane for a trip. Unfortunately for Danielle, it sounds like she had to do that all by herself — but we’re sure she managed just fine. After all, she and Adam are “no slouches” in the parenting department!

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