He’s always ready with the clapback. Adam Busby shared a couple of photos of two of his daughters with their dog, Beaux, on December 6, and someone almost immediately had something negative to say in the comments. The OutDaughtered dad reacted perfectly to the hate.

“They love @beauxbuzz so much it hurts … 😂 #OutDaughtered #itsabuzzworld,” Adam, 37, captioned the post. In the comments, someone replied, “Adam, $ million dollar photo here buddy. Twinkies look perfectly amazing and just look at the expression on Beaux’s face!! Priceless. Can’t tell [if] he’s the happiest dog on the planet or he’s about to be choked out. Priceless!!” That prompted someone else to reply, “Seriously? Are you being funny??? About to be chocked out? The poor dog looks like he’s in pain.”

The reality star apparently didn’t take kindly to that implication, and responded, “If he didn’t want to be there, trust me. He wouldn’t be. Don’t think for one second that he couldn’t get away from them [sic] two if he wanted. The dog is perfectly fine 😂.”

The person who made the initial comment then replied, “I was kidding. The dog looks like he’s in heaven. I was being funny. I know you get slammed from time to time but this wasn’t one of those times. From a dog rescuer, and rescue owner of 30 years. Peace.”

Adam Busby Claps Back at Rude Comment About His Dog Being 'Choked Out'
Courtesy Adam Busby/Instagram

Speaking of being slammed, Adam and his wife, Danielle Busby, clap back at trolls and generally rude comments on social media fairly often. For instance, the couple was questioned by fans about their decision to have their daughter Riley start kindergarten.

It all started when a fan commented on a photo of Riley in August, “It annoys me people negatively question the decision to put her in kinder. It’s obvious she needs the challenge and plus y’all know her better than us fans LOL.”

Adam replied, “💯Typical social media for you. Haha! So many people that don’t actually know my child think that they know better than us, the parents … there have been 6 parents in world history that know what it’s like to raise all-girl quints with all of the complexities that we deal with on the daily. We are making the best decisions that we can; knowing what we know.” That’s all they can really do, isn’t it?

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