All is well in the bush? Though Noah Brown left home and ran away to Colorado with his wife and baby, the Alaskan Bush People star is now saying all is quiet on the western front. According to him, there was family drama, but now they’ve put that all behind them. In a new interview with Radar Online, the reality star insisted that everything was fine — great, even — between his young family and his parents’ family despite some rocky interactions in the past. But even as he was saying it, some of his words seemed to hint that tensions still ran fairly high.

“Things are great between us now,” Noah told Radar, with that “now” seeming to be the keyword. Confirming reports that he and Rhain Brown and their new son Elijah had fled to their Colorado cottage (but not acknowledging the specific allegations that it was because of another family clash), the 36-year-old said, “We are living in Colorado for a little while because we just wanted to take some time away to be with our son and didn’t want the family to have to deal with the baby crying and such.”

Alaskan Bush People Star Noah Brown and Wife Rhains Cutest Pics

If you’ve ever lived with a newborn, you know how a crying baby could escalate tensions and stress everyone out. But recent reports indicated that welcoming Elijah had actually brought everyone together — and the back-and-forth with some of his relatives, especially sister Birdy Brown, had predated the birth. “I mean I admit I have a lot of mixed emotions [about Noah and Rhain], but I’m trying to let past problems be past problems,” she said in the show. “I don’t wanna miss out on being an aunt to Noah’s kid.”

Of course, baby Elijah was the source of some of his problems — but the reports that Billy and Ami Brown had been crossing boundaries as grandparents, especially “overbearing” Ami, make it seem more likely that he wanted to give his baby a break from them than that he wanted to give them a break from his baby. Still, Noah insisted, “Rhain is talking to my mom now and it is just amazing. My mother is even knitting baby blankets for Elijah.”

It sounds like good news, but again we can’t help but notice that “now” implying that Rhain wasn’t talked to Ami before. For the sake of the whole family tree, though, we hope that everything really is as peaceful as the new father says. At least getting some space in Colorado sounds like it’s doing wonders already.

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