90 Day Fiancé star Violet Tuyet has revealed that she had a miscarriage while pregnant with then-boyfriend Riley Diego Attaway’s baby.

During part two of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 tell-all on Sunday, October 1, Violet, 43, shared the truth about her pregnancy after Riley, 48, suspected that she was lying about carrying his child. 

“I am old, and my health is not good. I could not keep the pregnancy,” Violet said, becoming emotional as she discussed what a painful experience it had been to lose the baby.

Violet then clarified that she was carrying Riley’s child, as her boyfriend wondered if it was another man’s baby. Riley admitted that Violet didn’t “tell me it was a miscarriage.”

While he was visiting her in Vietnam, Violet told Riley that she was pregnant, as seen on the September 17 episode of Before the 90 Days season 6. Riley, who had trouble trusting Violet after she lied about her past divorce and still being on a dating app, struggled to believe that she was really pregnant or that the baby was his if she was pregnant. He also had doubts because he was on a medication that lowered his sperm count.

“But miracles do happen and life finds a way. So I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant,” Riley said during the episode. “Or maybe she is and it’s not mine … But I don’t want to be wrong and be a piece of crap.”

The Pennsylvania native continued to express doubt during part one of the tell-all on September 24, even after Violet confirmed that she took a pregnancy test in front of him.

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“The dates are not making sense,” he said while telling Violet to “own your bulls–t.”

While discussing what’s next for Riley and Violet, who confirmed in part one that they were no longer a couple, Riley said that Violet would be coming to the U.S. on a tourist visa. Violet said they were only friends at that point. Though Riley did “not necessarily” intend to get back together with her, he added that he would if it was “God’s will.” He even confirmed that he bought an engagement ring and would have given it to Violet if things had worked out between them during his visit to her country.

Despite the former couple being on friendly terms at the tell-all, it seems things later took a turn for Riley and Violet. In August, he took to social media to share a string of alleged text messages between them. The scathing exchange included Riley accusing Violet of increasing his father’s stress levels and manipulating people into believing Riley was a “controlling” and “insecure” person.

“So Violet, I say this with every fiber of my being, I don’t want you, I don’t care if you don’t like how you’re being portrayed on one episode after I’ve been portrayed as a psychopath for 11 of them, and I truly hope you know that once I am able I will expose every single lie, every single begging for me back text you sent my family, and every single fact that will prove you’re the real narcissist, selfish, rude and untrustworthy person that this show has ever seen,” he wrote.

Violet appeared to respond by telling Riley she cared about him and wanted to get him help while also accusing him of lying. She then deactivated her Instagram account.

Riley reflected on his relationship with Violet in an exclusive interview with In Touch in September.

“I had to answer to her what she expected of a mate, what she expected, the way she spoke,” he told In Touch. “I would express my feelings, but she would over speak me to express her feelings. Her feelings mattered.”

Despite their issues, Riley said he and Violet “joked a lot” and “had fun.”

“She wasn’t a horrible person. She just had a horrible attitude,” the TLC star said. “But over time, I started realizing that it felt like it was her way or the highway. I never had a voice.”

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