While fans are currently watching 90 Day Fiancé stars Sam Wilson and fiancée Citra Wilson’s love connection play out on season 10, viewers may see their siblings on a future season as Sam’s brother Timmy and Citra’s sister Nafa are engaged.

“I’m so happy for both of them even though they can be such a pain our asses sometimes,” Citra, 26, reacted to their engagement via her Instagram Stories on Sunday, January 7. “Never thought they would end up together, I know God has [a] mysterious way for everything.”

The season 10 star revealed that if it wasn’t for their canceled wedding in Indonesia, where Sam, 30, was going to visit alone, the newly-engaged couple would’ve never met in person.

“Now they’re in a relationship because I brought my family to come here to meet Sam’s family and I believe everything happens for a reason,” she continued. “I am glad my sister being all open up and close to me, tell me about everything and I’m glad that she can get out from toxic relationship for many years that she had and found someone better than caring, loving and appreciates everything she does.”

90 Day Fiance’s Sam's Brother and Citra’s Sister Are Engaged
Courtesy of Citra Wilson/Instagram

Shortly after her announcement, Citra doubled-back and addressed comments accusing her sister of being in the relationship for a green card.

“Like really you think that so easy to get a green card just like that?” Citra wrote in another slide, listing the costly steps of the K-1 visa process. “So it’s not so easy to get ‘a green card’ and bring people to the U.S. legally, a lot of money to spend, and take a long time until you get happily ever after. And my family got lucky they applied for the tourist visa for the first time and got approved three of them. I want my family here since Sam can’t come to Indonesia and never thought it in my head before my family had a chance to meet Sam’s family.”

She added that her parents had already planned the future for their daughters by purchasing land in Indonesia. “So stop thinking I’m gonna bring all my family here to America for [a] green card. They don’t want it lmao. They only come here to America to visit me, not planning to live here,” she concluded.

Sam and Citra’s relationship was introduced on season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, which premiered on TLC in October 2023. Citra, who is originally from Indonesia, met Sam on a dating app. The pair built a connection virtually before Sam took a trip to visit her and ultimately proposed.

Sam, who has a history of drug addiction, was open about his past. However, he had a big secret to tell her upon her arrival to the United States. “I was on a business trip with a coworker and the cops pulled us over. They found my suboxone,” Sam told producers in a private confessional, explaining that the drug is “kind of” an opiate but helped with withdrawal symptoms. “And because it wasn’t in a prescription bottle, they arrested me.”

In court, the judge offered him a diversion program — that included classes and drug tests — instead of time behind bars; however, he missed the deadline to apply.

“I could be facing jail time,” he continued. “So Citra knows about my addiction and the arrest, but she doesn’t know that me missing my deadline for the diversion could mean jail time.”

The bombshell garnered a harsh reaction from Citra, whose father was set to arrive in America. “I’ve been really patient and forgive him, this whole time about his problem, in the car but it really makes me angry because he lied about the paperwork to me,” Citra told producers in a private confessional during the December 17, 2023, episode. “And that makes I lied to my dad about his paperwork, too.”

In Touch confirmed Sam’s diversion was granted on October 10, 2023. However, the docket entry stated the court was “awaiting signatures.” The case is ongoing, and Sam is next scheduled to appear in court on January 26.

Fans will have to stay tuned to season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé to see how Sam and Citra’s journey plays out.

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