Viewers were introduced to a new couple, Sam and Citra, on the Sunday, December 3 episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Citra moved to the United States from Indonesia to be with Sam but he hasn’t been completely open about his past with her.

“Citra has the most beautiful open heart,” Sam, 30, gushed. “She doesn’t judge you. I’ve never had anyone believe in me the way she believes in me. But I’ve been keeping kind of a secret from Citra, so I’m worried that when I tell her and she tells her dad he’s going to forbid her from marrying me.”

Sam shared that he became addicted to opiates when he was just 15 years old. He said that he’s been clean for almost 10 years but admitted to relapsing “a few times.” He was admittedly concerned about how Citra, 26, would react to the truth about his addiction struggles once he came clean.

90 day fiances sam hiding secret drug addiction from citra

Due to his troubled past, Sam explained that he didn’t have many job options, which is why he works as a stocker at a gas station. He was introduced to 90 Day Fiancé viewers by waking up in his car, which he said is the “easiest” place for him to sleep when he has to work double shifts.

The Missouri resident met Citra on a dating app and proposed to her during a trip to Indonesia. In addition to Sam’s big secret, the couple also struggled with their different cultural backgrounds. Citra lives a strict Muslim lifestyle and told Sam that he must convert to Islam for the sake of her family. Sam said that he identifies as an atheist and claims to have seen a UFO before.

Sam also shared that he and Citra had not been physically intimate due to her religion not condoning pre-marital sex. He was admittedly concerned about living the lifestyle that Citra’s family expected of him.

However, he didn’t have long to work on how he planned to win over Citra’s dad, as she revealed that her father would be flying to the United States in “a few days.” She also told Sam that she wanted to marry him “within two weeks” while her father was visiting so that he could see the wedding. With Citra’s dad being a former police officer, Sam knew he had his work cut out for him once he opened up to his fiancé about his past.

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