90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Holly Weeks is taking time off from social media after she seemingly split from husband Wayne Cornish.

Holly, 44, took to Instagram on Wednesday, December 6, to share an image from part one of the dramatic season 5 tell-all, which aired on Monday, December 4. The screenshot showed the hairstylist sitting next to Wayne, 40, as he video called into the tell-all from South Africa. In the caption of her post, Holly wrote, “I’m done with social media. Goodbye everyone it’s been fun.”

In a comment, Holly added, “Just want to say bye to everyone. Hope you all have beautiful lives.”

During part one of the tell-all, Holly said she was unsure of where she stood with Wayne because she had been living away from him in America for four months, while he stayed in South Africa. He admitted that they “lost a bit of contact” after her move, which “hasn’t been fun.” Additionally, in a trailer for the tell-all, Wayne told host Shaun Robinson that he was considering ending his marriage to Holly because it was “strange” to be away from her.

Holly and Wayne met on a Jehovah’s Witnesses dating site and got engaged after her first visit to him in Johannesburg, South Africa. She then made the decision to pick up her life in Utah and move to South Africa for three months to start their life together, although the trip came with some obstacles. For starters, Holly was concerned about her safety in Wayne’s country, as his home had been robbed in the past. Her mother also tagged along for the trip, which caused tension for the couple.

Wayne also had financial issues that he hesitated to tell his fiancée about. He knew he wouldn’t be able to afford a home in a gated community like she wanted, but he feared she would leave him if she knew the truth.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 5 Which Couples Are Still Together Broken Up
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“When I was dating Holly, Holly told me that she would never be with someone that’s financially struggling,” he said during the August 28 episode. “So she’s just living in the dark, not knowing what’s happening.”

Holly and Wayne tied the knot during the October 2 episode, but their relationship did not get any easier. The Utah native began to feel like she was “losing parts” of herself and felt unhappy living in South Africa. She wanted to move back to America with Wayne, but he wasn’t so sure.

Wayne seemingly confirmed that he and Holly had split when he responded to a fan on Instagram in November. The plumber noted that he was “not with Holly,” and then appeared to delete his Instagram account.

Holly, meanwhile, has been posting on her social media accounts frequently. However, she’s admitted that fans of the show have cyberbullied her ever since her reality TV debut, even going so far as to share her Utah address online. Wayne jumped to Holly’s defense in August with a lengthy Instagram video.

“All people care about today is money, not people’s feelings. And you know what, I’m getting pretty tired of it,” he said, seemingly blaming TLC for editing him and Holly in a bad light. “I mean, I’m not a bad person. Holly is not a bad person. But you know what? We’re sorry we did this show.”

He continued, “[It’s] what the show does. They make you look like lunatics. That’s why they want you here because they just care about their pockets. It’s all they want. I will not let anyone hurt Holly any further.”

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