Today’s headline is tomorrow’s old news! After 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Ed Brown called himself the biggest celebrity in the franchise, other TLC alumni were ready to take him down a peg. On April 14 and 15, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Lisa Hamme and Tim Malcolm all called the 90 Day Fiancé personality out.

The drama started after entertainment blogger John Yates and Instagram meme account Mommy Says Bad Words captured screenshots of comments in which Ed, 54, claimed all of the “haters” talking about him online made him “the most authentic reality star [in] 90 Day Fiancé history.” He claimed fans could find the proof online — but his fellow cast members are saying just the opposite is true.

Baby Girl Lisa, 52, who also stars on season 4 of Before the 90 Days, clapped back, “OK, BGL going on [a] soapbox for [a] hot ass min … [Ed], your statement is really a myth, because the real MVPs are the fans. Any 90 Day production is truly a team effort.” Telling her costar he “lost his way,” she wrote, “No one is an instant celebrity. … Let’s try [and] stay grounded, because past, present and future [casts] are a team.”

Tim, who appeared on season 3 of the show, was next. Posting a screenshot of both comments, he added, “For once, I agree with something @baby_girl_lisa_2020 said. Big Ed must be going delusional with this quarantine thing. … [He has] 89k followers on IG. Larissa [has] 397k followers, Paola [Mayfield has] 859k, Darcey [Silva] 650k followers, [Loren Brovarnik has] 636k followers. You aren’t even in the 100k club yet, buddy.”

Soon enough, Larissa, 33, was chiming in to let him know from experience that the limelight fades — and rarely do reality stars get more than their 15 minutes of fame. “I am in 100 percent agreement with Baby Girl Lisa and Tim. As a former ‘star’ on the show [who] had the most tweets on Twitter and hits on IG during my season, I was quickly pushed aside. For good or bad, I brought in ratings, but I was always replaceable. Ed would be wise to learn humility.”

Unfortunately, that lesson doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Lisa revealed Big Ed actually blocked her for speaking out — and we’re getting the feeling that this feud is just beginning.

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