90 Day Fiancé star Devin Hoofman’s family was left stunned after listening to her fiancé, Seungdo “Nick” Ham, call her a “lazy piggy” during their first meeting.

Devin’s family got together for a fish fry to welcome Nick’s arrival from Korea in a teaser for the Sunday, December 3, episode shared by People. While the Korea native, 30, quickly assimilated into the family and assisted with the cooking process, the visit took a turn after Devin’s family members asked Nick what Koreans thought of American people.

“Greasy foods and being fat,” Nick replied, adding that those weren’t his beliefs. When asked by Devin, 23, what he thought was true, he replied, “You’re lazy, so you always get fast food for lunch, no wonder you’re a piggy.”

Devin’s family was visibly shocked and suggested he say “nice things” about her instead. Nick tried to make amends by calling Devin “cute” but she said it was “too late.”

“Him calling her piggy concerns me,” Devin’s father said in a confessional. “Even though Devin acts as if it doesn’t bother her, I don’t want her deep down inside to be bothered by that.”

Devin shared her perspective on the nickname in a solo interview with producers. “The piggy nickname is something that has been a very long ongoing battle, that I’ve very much given up on.”

90 Day Fiancé's Devin's Family Shocked After 'Lazy Piggy' Comment 11

Devin and Nick were introduced to fans on season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, which premiered on October 8. The couple met on a dating app while both living in Australia and dated for two years before they decided that Nick would apply for a K-1 visa.

Before Nick’s arrival, Devin traveled from her native of Searcy, Arkansas, to meet Nick’s parents in Korea for the first time. During their meeting, Devin burst into tears at the dinner table due to the overwhelming language barrier and the pressure of taking Nick away from his family.

Nick’s parents were understanding about the situation and reassured the U.S. native that it wasn’t her fault. His mother also encouraged the couple to call them whenever they are “going through hard times.”

Nick admitted he was uneasy about the future and living in the rural U.S. as Devin had told him there “were quite a lot of racists” there. “There’s not much diversity there. There’s no Korean community, no Korean restaurant and store,” Nick explained. “Yeah, it scares me. ‘Cause I’ve seen racism in the countryside in Australia.”

It seems the pair has made things work as In Touch exclusively confirmed Devin and Nick both signed a marriage license on March 1 and exchanged vows one month later on April 1.

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