Don’t blame her! 90 Day Fiancé alum Anfisa Nava (née Arkhipchenko) clapped back at claims it was her fault her estranged husband, Jorge Nava, went to jail. After defending herself against “gold-digging” accusations on her July 11 post, she faced even more hate from fans. This time, they said her materialistic behavior drove her ex to commit the felony that led to him serving time behind bars for possession of almost 300 pounds of marijuana.

“She’s a bad/mean [woman]. She destroyed his life [and] clearly all she wanted was [money]. The guy was in jail for two years just [because] he wanted to make more [money]. … She ruined Jorge’s life,” one troll wrote as part of a hateful diatribe against the star. Though there was plenty Anfisa, 24, could’ve taken issue with, she focused on the claims about Jorge, 31.

90 Day Fiance Star Anfisa Slams Claims She Destroyed Jorge Navas Life
Courtesy Anfisa Nava/Instagram

“Dude, my ex was in prison twice before. How can you explain this?” the Happily Ever After alum shot back. “dEsTrOyEd hIs LiFe my ass. Boo-f–king-hoo. Everyone is responsible for their own life choices.”

The former TLC star seems seriously done when it comes to dealing with hate from commenters — but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it go unchecked. She also addressed similar statements from fans alleging she only used Jorge to get a green card and accusing her of “expecting too much” from her husband. In her trademark snarky fashion, she put those commenters in their place, too.

Inset Photo of Jorge Nava Over Photo of Anfisa Nava
Courtesy Anfisa Nava/Instagram; Courtesy Jorge Nava/Instagram

“You got me,” she sarcastically responded to some of the claims. To others, she simply responded that she was “calling [Jorge] out on his BS” instead of getting mad that he didn’t have as much money as he made her think. While the couples’ finances were a major issue on their TV storyline, it seems Anfisa didn’t actually mind supporting herself behind the scenes.

In October 2018, she claimed she was both making her own money and “providing” for herself “and her hubby” for over a year. In a December 2018 YouTube video, the couple claimed Anfisa never wore a ring because Jorge didn’t have the money to buy her one — and just one month later, the Russia native even suggested Jorge didn’t “contribute” much to their marriage. “This couch is one of not so many things that my husband contributed to our marriage,” she told a fan who asked about the furniture.

Anfisa doesn’t seem bothered by the “villain” role fans assigned her on the show — but when it comes to real-life crimes, she’s not taking the rap.

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