People love painting Anfisa Arkhipchenko as a gold digger just because she married an American man. Even her 90 Day Fiancé co-stars, Paola Mayfield and Loren Brovarnik, used the offensive term to describe the Russian beauty. However, on Oct. 5, she defended herself, revealing to a hater that she’s actually been the breadwinner of the household for some time now! 

Last month, Jorge Nava was sentenced to nearly two years in prison after being arrested for getting caught with almost 300 pounds of marijuana in his car in Arizona. Even before that, though, Anfisa says she was providing for her husband… even while working towards getting her business administration degree!

“Well you are not going to be eating much now that moneybags is locked up hahah,” said a bitter follower. First off, it’s clear that they don’t follow Anfisa or the show because Jorge being broke is a constant talking point, but we digress… “What money bags?” asked Anfisa. “I’ve been making my own and providing for both myself an my hubby for the last… year at least. So joke’s on you!” 

Anfisa certainly doesn’t need anyone to stick up for her, she’s a pro at clapping back at haters, but that still seems like a particularly cruel thing to say to someone who just lost their spouse to the prison system. That’s especially true for Anfisa, who is across the globe from any other friends and family, and isn’t even on good terms with Jorge’s family. He’s all she had and now she’s alone. 


Luckily, Anfisa’s relationship with Jorge seems stronger than ever. Just before Jorge was incarcerated, the couple enjoyed a sweet tropical trip together. They also talked about how they definitely want to continue to grow their family and have kids once he gets out. On top of that, Anfisa doesn’t even have an engagement ring from Jorge, so it’s unfair to say she’s a gold digger. We wish them both the best as they continue to stay strong!

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