Anyone who watches 90 Day Fiancé all comes out of it with the same thought: How is it actually possible these couples are still together? It's pretty much a collection of people that are getting married for all the wrong reasons. And yet the craziest thing about it all is that most of the pairs usually end up getting married anyway — and staying together! For viewers who watch the show, we're used to this. However, for those who are unfamiliar, they're in for quite a surprise. We asked three people who've never seen an episode of 90 Day Fiancé to watch clips from the show and then guess if the couples are still together or not. Watch the video above to see how they did and see which couples are still together or not.

The show, which documents the K-1 visa process for foreign fiancés who wish to marry Americans, highlights several questionable couples that really shouldn't be together. From 40-year-olds hooking up with 19-year-olds to gold-digging Russian brides who demand $100,000 engagement rings, it's pretty much a goldmine of destructive pairs. But that's sort of the point about 90 Day Fiancé — some people will literally put up with anything for a green card. Or you know, the possibility of true love. But in case you need a reminder, here's a rundown of the clips (and couples) featured in our video.

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge Nava told his gold-digging Russian bride, Anfisa Arkhipchenko, that he would get her a $100,000 engagement ring. However, when she moved to the US, Jorge started backtracking on his promises and even asked for a prenuptial agreement. "I'm not gonna screw myself over to make you happy," he told her. Anfisa responded by smacking him across the face. Our participants in the video were certain they were no longer together, and they were surprised when they learned the truth.

Nicole and Azan

When Nicole Nafziger flew to Morroco to be with her fiancé, Azan Tefou, many fans questioned if he truly loved her or if he was just using her to get to America. Throughout the show, Azan was shown telling Nicole that she needed to lose weight and go to a gym. To make matters worse, he later told her that he was only attracted to her by "55 percent," which aren't words you want to hear from your fiancé.

Molly and Luis

When Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez got into a weird blow-up at the end of their season, which ended with Molly telling Luis to go pack his bags, fans were certain the couple was on a one-way ticket to splitsville. Our participants in the video thought this too, but they got quite the surprise.

Mike and Aziza

This Season 1 couple appeared oddly mismatched, with Aziza admitting she didn't even want to sleep with her husband despite the fact that she flew from Russia to be with him. But despite the awkwardness of their 90 days together, they eventually tied the knot anyway. The participants in our video were split on whether they were still together or not. We admit, judging by the clip it could go either way. But these 90 Day Fiancé couples always surprise us.

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