Earlier this week, TLC revealed that all four 90 Day Fiancé shows would be coming back in 2018, including the original, Happily Ever After?, Before the 90 Days, and the web series What Now?. Although the network didn’t mention anything about the cast, Starcasm put their detective hats on to find out which of your favorite couples would be returning — and who most likely didn’t make the cut.

Josh and Aika

According to the publication, it looks like Josh and Aika will be back as part of the web series, based on recent photos Josh posted on social media with a clapboard that reads “What Now II.” Hmm — looks like a dead giveaway to us!

Paul and Karine

There’s also evidence that supports Paul and Karine are filming in Brazil, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering these two are literal gold for the network. People are fascinated by their crazy story — uh, anyone remember that time Karine was mugged by a machete-wielding thief?! Yeah, these two aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

paul and karine

Nicole and Azan

Nicole recently went wedding dress shopping with her mom, so naturally, fans began wondering if she and Azan were heading for the altar. That being said, no one’s quite sure if she will be returning or not, but considering she’s entertaining AF, we certainly hope so! Side note: Maybe it was her mom who was looking for a dress?! #PlotTwist.

Jesse and Darcey

If you’ve been following Jesse and Darcey’s story, then you know they’re pretty much guaranteed to return. This on-again, off-again, back on-again, back off-again couple appears to be back on these days, and you know there will be endless drama to film.

Most recently, the pair was spotted looking deep into one another’s eyes on her Instagram page. “The beauty, heart and soul of a woman is seen within her eyes,” she wrote in the caption on Jan. 21.


David and Annie

According to a production source, these two are most definitely filming. ICYMI, David’s son Jacob was recently involved in a shooting accident, and according to Jacob’s mother, he’s taken an active role in helping with Jacob’s recovery and dealing with the investigation. Although tragic, you have to admit it also makes for a compelling storyline.

Molly and Luis

Recently, there was speculation that these two were headed for Splitsville after some of their dirty laundry was played out online. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, their rocky romance could make for some serious drama.

Anfisa and Jorge

Fans are fascinated by #Jorfisa’s story, but considering Anfisa recently revealed she’s the highest paid cast member, we’re sure some negotiations in the works. That being said, many people tune in to see them, so it’s not likely TLC will say goodbye.

David and Evelyn

Mildly successful singer/songwriter Evelyn Cormier recently released a diss track for her haters, and although she doesn’t seem to be handling fame very well, she also has a ton of CDs to sell. Would we be surprised if she signs on for another season with her hubby, David? Hardly.

Sean and Abby

The engaged couple were introduced to fans on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and even though maintaining a long-distance relationship is difficult — she lives in the Caribbean and he lives in the US — they recently faced one of their very first hardships as a couple together: Getting over the death of Sean’s father. TBH, I’d love to know how their relationship is working.

Although TLC has yet to reveal premiere dates for the shows, we’re sure they’ll be coming soon! In the meantime, at least we have social media.

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