Thinking it over. 90 Day Fiancé star Tiffany Franco Smith revealed she wants to undergo a cosmetic procedure to help improve the appearance of her under eyes. The TV personality said she’s been interested in getting tear trough filler, taking to Instagram with a message about the process on Monday, March 30.

“I need to get my [tear] trough filled,” the TLC alum dished to her followers. “I’ve been so self-conscious about my under eye since I was like 15 [sad face]. But, I don’t know anyone in the area that does it and also, I’m scared (you guys haven’t seen how bad my under eyes are because I’m always wearing makeup).”

90 Day Tiffany Cosmetic Procedure
Courtesy of Tiffany Franco Smith/Instagram

So, what exactly is it? The treatment helps correct volume loss under the eyes, which gives the patient a youthful and radiant appearance. “What happens is, with the filler, we go under the trough, which is the dip that they see makes a shadow,” a doctor who specializes on the procedure tells New Idea. “When the filler is placed under the trough, it lifts the skin to [be] level. It removes the shadowing, so then they don’t look as tired.”

Tiffany has certainly had her hands full as of late, as the star told In Touch exclusively she’s been getting creative to keep her two kids, Daniel and Carley, occupied at home amid the lockdown.

“I manage to make fun events like backyard picnics, fort sleepovers, we watch tons of movies, [and] of course, lots of homework the school sends,” the brunette beauty revealed. “What’s really funny is we have gotten to the point where we clean so much that by the end of this quarantine, this house is going to be so spotless it’s crazy.”

90 Day Tiffany and Ronald
Courtesy of Tiffany Franco/Instagram

Ronald [Smith] and I are doing well, although it is very hard since we are still in two separate countries, he’s also in a strict quarantine in [South Africa],” the stunner added. On the bright side, she and her husband are remaining optimistic while they prepare to begin a “new journey as a family living together.”

On March 24, the reality star announced she and Ronald are officially back together following their January breakup. “Whether anyone thinks that’s right or wrong has nothing to do with the decisions we will make moving forward,” she shared. “We might not know what the future holds, but we both hope to fight for our marriage and spend the rest of our lives together.”

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