90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto predicts she will get married in 2022 during an exclusive video interview with In Touch, dishing about her love life amid her stint on season 2 of the discovery+ spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life.

“I’m turning 32, which is so crazy to me,” she tells In Touch about her upcoming birthday. “I just feel like I’m still 21 years old.”

Although she is in a public relationship at this time, Stephanie, 31, says she is “super” open to marriage and starting a family of her own. 

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“I’m super open to having kids and I feel like it might happen for me. I feel like marriage might happen in 2022 for me,” the Before the 90 Days alum adds. “I have that gut feeling. I feel like I’m going to get married.”

TLC fans watched Stephanie split from her ex-girlfriend Erika Owens in a May 2020 episode of the spinoff. Their decision to call it quits came after the pair made history for being in the first same-sex relationship in the franchise.

“I knew I had a lot of self-work to do so I kind of took some time off and I got into shape,” Stephanie shares about her post-breakup routine. “I started working on my business on my site and I became the person that my dream person would want. And I think I’m in a much better place now.”

Stephanie has been documenting her foray back into the dating scene on The Single Life, but so far, she’s been unlucky in finding love and losing her celibacy after going on several dates with same sex and opposite sex partners.

Since she is still working as a reality star and content creator, Stephanie says it’s been especially difficult to meet potential love interests that are on the same wavelength.

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Courtesy of Stephanie Matto/Instagram

Stephanie Matto.

“That’s been one of the hardest things because I’m so unconventional and you know, my line of work is looked down upon a lot,” the entrepreneur explains. “So, a lot of people before they even get to know me will already have assumptions about who I am as a person. And they’ll think that I am this wild, crazy party girl. And the truth is I’m very low-key. I’m pretty introverted.”

“I’m just being upfront with people,” she tells In Touch of her current approach to dating. “Like when I meet somebody, when I talk to somebody, I just put it out there. Take it or leave it. I’m not wasting my time or your time.”

In recent months, Stephanie has made a staggering $90,000 selling farts in a jar, although she has since changed her business model to NFTs [non-fungible tokens] after being hospitalized for eating too many gas-inducing foods in January.

“I just need somebody who’s open to my lifestyle, who understands who I am and who understands that there is a separation between work and who I really am as a person,” she says. “Yes. Online. I am this sexy person who sells their farts in a jar, but you know, I’m also a real person and there’s more to me than that.”

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