Boom roasted, grandma! 90 Day Fiancé star Robert got into a pretty heated fight with Stephanie, who is the grandmother of his son, Bryson, during part 1 of the tell-all. But after the episode aired on Sunday, February 16, it seems like it stirred up even more drama because he took to his Instagram Story to clap back at Stephanie again for her “Fertile Myrtle” comment — and he threw shade at Stephanie’s daughter, who is Bryson’s absentee mom, as well.

“You can call me ‘Fertile Myrtle,’ but your daughter is Houdini,” the New York native wrote using the create mode on Instagram Story. To add a little more shade, he reposted a fan’s response to the shade and added Cardi B‘s hit song, “Bodak Yellow,” and the lyrics read: “Little bitch / you can’t f–k with me / if you wanted to.” It was a rare moment for Robert, who did not reveal many details about Bryson’s mother on the show, except for the fact that she was not a part of her son’s life.

Robert’s post seemed to be in direct response to the comment Stephanie made about him during the tell-all. Toward the end of Robert’s segment with his wife, Anny, host Shaun Robinson asked Anny how she felt when Stephanie asked birth control — which was a controversial scene that aired earlier in season 7 of the hit TLC reality TV series.

90 day fiance star robert claps back at bryson's grandmother stephanie after tell-all fight
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“Why she ask me that? Because that’s my personal life and something nobody knows is before, I can’t have baby. I am 30 years old and I don’t have children. You have to imagine something happened,” the Dominican Republic native explained.

When Robert and Anny’s costar, Tania Maduro, asked if Anny had tried to have children in the past, she said yes. “Robert know that and you doing me that question, that hurt my feeling. Every woman want to have a children,” Anny added.

At that time, Stephanie joined the tell-all via video call with her husband, Ben. Shaun asked the Florida native why she felt it was OK to ask Anny such a personal question.

“Well, we all had figured out that Robert is fertile myrtle. He’s really good at having babies,” Stephanie said. “Yeah, he’s not good at a lot but he knows how to make babies,” Ben added, laughing.

90DF Anny Discovers Robert Has 5 Kids

But Robert and Anny clearly did not think it was funny. “Yeah, but I take care of my kids,” he said. Sensing Robert’s frustration, Ben seemed to backtrack a bit. “Oh, I’m not saying [that], I don’t want to fight,” he said.

“If Anny have a kid by me, it’s nobody’s business but our own,” Robert continued, not backing down. Stephanie wasn’t going to back down either. “I have concerns if there are more children produced, then that strictly takes away from Bryson no matter how you look at it,” she said.

Robert did not agree. “No, it does not, because I have my wife here. How does that take away from Bryson when Bryson is in a house that’s united?” he hit back. “And if he has a sister or a brother, he’s going to love that baby as well and that’s just bringing in more love to my son.”

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