Digging up the past. 90 Day Fiancé stars Robert and Anny got into a nasty fight with the grandparents of Robert’s son, Stephanie and Ben, at the tell-all. During the feud, Robert brought up the text message scandal involving nude photos from Stephanie that happened off-camera.

Host Shaun Robinson asked Anny how she felt when Stephanie asked her such personal questions like whether she was using birth control or if she wanted to have kids with Robert. Anny explained that if Stephanie had asked her questions about Robert’s son and Stephanie’s grandson, Bryson, she wouldn’t have minded. She only took offense with Stephanie started prying into her personal life.

After that, Shaun asked Stephanie and Ben how often they see Bryson, and Stephanie said, “Never.” Then Robert interjected to clear the air.

90 day fiance star stephanie says anny check scene was fake

“No, no, wait let’s time out,” Robert said and Anny interjected, “Why don’t you say the truth?”

“You was seeing Bryson probably like, once every month right? Now, you done threatened me and sent me some nasty texts and that’s why Bryson is not going to your crib,” Robert yelled. Both Ben and Stephanie denied threatening Robert before they cut off the camera on their end.

It seems like emotions are still running high between Robert and Stephanie after their text message scandal. Back in 2019, the adult film star had allegedly sent Robert nude photos of herself via text message. In December 2019, Stephanie released a statement and said the nude photo texting scandal has been “blown out of proportion.” She explained it was a simple mistake that she accidentally sent the photos to Robert instead of her husband, Ben.

But Robert doesn’t seem to accept that it was a mistake, and he also explained that their feud goes way back. “It’s a lot of s–t behind that that y’all don’t know,” Robert said during the tell-all.

“Do you want to know what happened? This story goes real deep and it’s dark. People talking s–t, let me tell you something. They can dog me all they want, but I’m a good dude,” Robert added.

“I come to this country and I said, ‘Why I have to meet that woman? She don’t call Bryson every day. She don’t take care of him.’ And something happened, he had an apartment fire,” Anny explained.

“I was homeless for two months,” Robert continued. “I stayed with good friends, right? Good friends opened their doors for me. My family told me, ‘Yo, bring Bryson up to Atlanta and don’t worry about him. You know he [is] in good arms.’ And did Stephanie say, ‘Hey,’ [and] open the doors for my son? No. There’s no respect. There’s no respect, I’ve had beef with her in the past. It was always Stephanie, I never had an issue with Ben.”

When Shaun asked Robert how he thinks his relationship with Stephanie can be repaired, he said, “I don’t know.” “You can’t hurt me, you can’t break me, you can’t do nothing to me,” Robert added. “But what you can hurt me is through my son. And I’m not going to give you that chance to break me.”

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