Reality TV may not be as real as it seems. 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie — who is the grandmother of Robert‘s son, Bryson — got a lot of hate on social media after the Sunday, January 26 episode of the hit reality TV series. But the adult film star took to Instagram on Tuesday, January 28, to defend herself from the trolls and she spilled major tea, claiming the whole scene with Robert’s fiancé, Anny, was faked.

“It’s f–king TV people. TV!!! It’s fake. It’s scripted. I had to borrow a checkbook because the producers asked me to do this. I have screenshots to prove this,” the Florida native wrote in a text post on her Instagram Story.

90 day fiance star stephanie claims check scene with anny was scripted

Hours before her IG Story post, Stephanie shared a screenshot of the type of backlash she had been receiving on social media ever since the episode aired. “Did you have to limit comments on your post because it’s hard to accept how much of a terrible human being you are? :),” read one DM from a fan.

“Actually, you have to follow me to comment on my posts,” the redhead responded in the caption of a since-deleted Instagram post. “The amount of hate messages I’ve received is pretty wild. I’m astonished that a show about love has brought such tremendous hate out of people. It’s truly amazing how people will only hear one side of a story and immediately attack other parties. It’s sad that we live [in]  a world like this. I know the truth. I know who I am as a person, parent and grandparent. And really, that’s all that matters.”

Earlier in the season, Stephanie and her husband, Ben, expressed their doubts about Robert and Anny’s relationship. They both felt that Anny and Robert’s relationship was one of “convenience” because Robert needed a mother figure for Bryson since Stephanie’s daughter is not in the little boy’s life, and they assumed Anny only wanted to marry Robert for his money and so she could live legally in the United States.

During the scene with Robert and Anny, Stephanie offered to write a check of about $10,000 to $15,000 and pay for a plane ticket so that Anny could leave Robert and her grandson behind in Winter Park, Florida and go back to her native country of the Dominican Republic. When Anny and Robert took offense to the offer, Stephanie accused Anny of only being with Robert for a Green Card — and Anny did not hold back with her response.

“[Are you] f—king crazy?” Anny asked. “You don’t have to buy me [a f—king] ticket. You are not my [f—king] sponsor, lady. He bring [sic] me here, not you. Put that s—t in your bag. F—king crazy.”

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