Sexy mama! Paola Mayfield has never been shy about showing off her body — even though her husband Russ Mayfield never really quite approved of her revealing photo shoots in the past. But now that the 90 Day Fiancé star is pregnant, she can’t help but show off her baby bump and she did exactly that while wearing a barely-there string bikini in her latest Instagram clip. Watch the video above to see the clip!

“Too many changes and I’m loving them all #needanewbikini #fitnessmom#pregnant #fitmom,” Paola wrote in the caption of the video where she posed from all angles in a mirror, flaunting her pregnancy curves. Fans flooded the comments, and while many of the complimented Pao on how great she looked, others chose to bash the new mom-to-be for posting such a revealing clip. 

“Is this video about your baby bump or about you? God bless you with this child but really do you have to show your butt and half your breast out. How does Russ feel about this video? Save all this for his eyes only,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “She quotes ‘Too many changes and I’m loving it.’ Okay obviously she’s talking about her baby bump! But yet she’s showing her butt so that ya [sic] can see, and at one point acts like she’s talking it off. Yes your [sic] beautiful but the whole world doesn’t need to see what God gave you. Reserve that for your husband. Respect yourself [and] body.”

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Pregnancy update 😜 Loving and enjoying my pregnancy to the maximum🤰🏻 I can still see my abs 🙌🏼 I haven't changed my routine that much. I have days that I don't feel like working out but I make sure that I don't listen to that voice unless I really feel the need to let my body rest. Mommy knows best ❤️ My little one is so good to me 🙌🏼❤️ He hasn't made me feel sick or tired, no crazy cravings and all he wants is healthy food! My baby doesn't like sweets or junk food. Once in while I need that pineapple pizza 🍕🙈 but we are keeping our vegetarian diet strong 💪🏼, we don't feel the need to eat meat 🤗 thank you amor @russ_mayfield for helping with my video and for loving us so much😍 #fitpregnancy #fitmom #paolamayfield #superpaofit ————————-#pregnantwithabs —————— ESP: Amando y disfrutando mi embarazo al máximo🤰🏻 Todavía puedo ver mis abdominales 🙌🏼 No he cambiado tanto mi rutina. Tengo días en los que no tengo ganas de entrenar pero me aseguro de no escuchar esa voz a menos que realmente sienta la necesidad de dejar que mi cuerpo descanse. Mami sabe que es lo mejor para su bebé ❤️ Mi pequeño es tan bueno conmigo 🙌🏼❤️ No me ha hecho sentir enferma o cansada, no tengo ansias locas de comer comida chatarra. Lo único que quiere es comida sana. A mi bebé no le gustan los dulces😂. De vez en cuando necesito comer esa pizza de piña, pero seguimos mantenemos nuestra dieta vegetariana, no sentimos la necesidad de comer carne. Gracias amor @russ_mayfield russ_mayfield por ayudarme con mi video y por amarnos tanto #embarazosaludable #mamafit #paolamayfield #superpaofit #90dayfiance

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But Pao isn’t letting the haters stop her from sharing her pregnancy journey the way she wants to share it. Last week, Pao shared a pregnancy update and it seems like even though her body is changing, not much else has changed in terms of her energy and diet.

“My little one is so good to me,” Pao wrote on Instagram. “He hasn’t made me feel sick or tired, no crazy cravings and all he wants is healthy food! My baby doesn’t like sweets or junk food.”

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