From cheating allegations to a shocking prenuptial agreement, the 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 4 couples encountered even more drama during episode 7.

Luke and Madelein Argued Over a Prenuptial Agreement

Madelein is still not happy with Luke after he asked her for a prenuptial agreement during episode 6. The pair tried to make up by going on a salsa dancing date but things took a turn after Madelein got upset with Luke for breaking her nail while on the dance floor.

Luke and Madelein continued to work on the spark in their relationship by going on a trip to where they got engaged. While on the trek, Luke dropped the bomb on Madelein that his friend Brian was coming to visit him to talk to him about a “rumor” that she “hooked up with another guy.”

This angered Madelin, who already felt it was Brian’s influence that Luke asked her for a prenup. Luke continued to escalate the argument by telling Madelein that he believed she was only with him because he was the “best opportunity” for her.

Alliya and Shawn Discussed Moving to Los Angeles Together

Alliya and Shawn are engaged! The pair, along with Alliya’s friend Jackie, went on a jungle cruise to celebrate the major milestone. During the outing, Shawn told the group that once he married Alliya, he hoped she would live with him in Los Angeles.

Shawn also noted that he planned to file a prenuptial agreement but did plan to take care of Alliya when she moved to the United States.

“My biggest fears moving to another country, have a new life, and continue to be controlled by you,” Alliya admitted to the group. In a private confessional, she added, “I’m afraid being financially dependent of Shawn, [that it] will take away my power.”

Ani and Kyle Got Real About His Sperm Donations

Ani’s friend Stephanie met Kyle for the first time during episode 7. Almost immediately into their conversation, Kyle brought up the topic of sperm donation and how he felt sperm banks were “too cold and clinical.”

After the outing, Ani visited Kyle’s accommodations for the first time and was surprised at how messy he was. The pair also got into a deeper conversation about the motivation behind Kyle’s constant need to donate sperm.

90 Day Fiance Love in Paradise Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

“I did put in effort, but like, it was hard to find someone that actually liked me,” Kyle told her about his previous relationships. In a private confessional, Ani admitted that the revelation made her understand him better.

“These sperm donations make him feel like I’m wanted, you know?” she told the cameras. “I’m trying to give this relationship every opportunity to make it work.”

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