90 Day Fiancé star Tyray learned that his long-distance girlfriend, Carmella, ​might actually be a catfish named Christian. Despite proof of the betrayal, Tyray continued to hold out hope that Carmella is real. However, he began to second-guess who Carmella is when he learned she may also be an escort. Keep scrolling to find out if Carmella is an escort, ​if she’s real or a catfish or more.

Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Carmella an Escort?

Tyray learned that Carmella is on an escort service website during the July 2 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

While he already learned that Carmella is actually a man named Christian, the California native admitted he felt betrayed that the woman he believed was Carmella has her photo on the website.

“I’m pissed cause like, my girlfriend’s on an escort website,” he said. “That’s f–ked up. I don’t want to judge anybody, but at the same time, that’s something that you kind of want to tell your partner, that you’re an escort or whatever.”

Tyray added that he was upset that the listing marked Carmella as nearby, while he believed she resided in Barbados.

“Living in Bakersfield or Stockton, ​Stockton is right down the street. Like she lives thirty minutes away,” the TLC personality complained. “If you really were that close, why haven’t we met yet, after four years of having a supposed relationship.”

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Tyray’s Sister Lashanti Discovered Carmella Might Be Real

Tyray learned about Carmella’s possible career when his sister Lashanti showed him the escort website. While Tyray may have been chatting with a man named Christian, the profiles proved that the woman in the photos that Christian was passing off as “Carmella” is real.

“It’s like a dagger to my heart,” Tyray told his sister. “That’s not the type of girl I want to be with at all. And now, what am I going to tell mom? I was dating an escort who said she lived in Barbados but happened to live in Bakersfield?”

Lashanti then discussed Tyray’s “crazy” insistence that Carmella is real. “It’s hard to watch him cling to some hope for her to be real, because all the signs are right there that he was catfished,” she said in a confessional. “But he’s too in denial for me, and I want him to accept it for what it is.”

Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Carmella a Catfish?

Tyray was informed that Carmella lied about her identity during the June 4 premiere episode.

“We’ve learned Carmella has not been honest with you about who she is,” a producer explained at the time. “The person you’ve been messaging with for the last several years is not the same woman in the pictures and videos.”

The producer added that they learned Carmella was lying about her identity when they called the number Tyray provided for them. Once they were in touch with the person, the film’s crew learned that Carmella is actually a man.

Catfish or Escort? Find Out If '90 Day Fiance' Star Tyray's Online Girlfriend Carmella Is Real

Tyray was in denial over the news and refused to believe Carmella isn’t real. However, Christian later sent a text message explaining his side of the story.

“Hi!!!!! To think I cannot video call you because I’m not the girl in the photos. I know it’s [redacted] that I have not been honest with Tyray. I been lying to him for almost 5 years,” the message read. “At first it was a way to get money since most of us are so poor here, [but] I did start liking him but I can’t be with him. I feel so bad but I really needed money. I’m sorry, I do love him but I can’t be with him.”

Despite reading Christian’s message, Tyray admitted he wasn’t convinced because the catfish was telling him “the right things” to keep him interested.

‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Tyray Travels to Meet the Real Carmella

Tyray traveled to Denver to meet the woman Christian used for Carmella’s photos during the Sunday, August 6, episode in order to get “closure.” He told producers that he suspected Carmella might be involved in a scheme to take his money and wanted to meet in person to get answers.

“I do feel excitement to be meeting her,” Tyray said. “I’m meeting the person that is the image of the person that I thought I was in love with. It’s kind of a mixed bag, because at one point I’m like ‘This is the real her’ but at the same time I’m like, ‘I don’t know her.’”

Despite his concerns, Tyray also admitted he could potentially “catch feelings” for the real Carmella. “I just have to remind myself that I’m here for me, and talk about what happened,” he said.

Tyray eventually got to speak to the real Carmella during the August 13 episode, who insisted she had nothing to do with the catfishing scheme and was shocked that her identity was stolen.

“When Carmella tells me she’s not involved with this scam, I believe her, because she comes off real genuine,” he said during a confessional. “I feel relieved being able to remove her from this whole scenario, but at the same time, it really f–king sucks knowing that I’m not any closer to finding out who this person really is.”

During her own confessional, Carmella admitted she didn’t know why she agreed to meet up with Tyray after “he fell in love with this person pretending” to be her. “It’s a lot of mixed feelings, and I just feel sorry,” she said.

The pair chatted over drinks as Carmella urged Tyray to “close that chapter” and to not “stick around to see how red the flags can get.”

Tyray later asked Carmella if she was single and they agreed to stay in touch. “I’m extremely extremely glad that I came to Denver,” he said. “I may never get the answers I was looking for, but I realized I can’t control that.”

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