From accusations of “whore rings” to heated arguments about money, the drama continued in episode 13 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance’s Ed and Liz Reunited After Their Abrupt Split

It’s been one month since Ed “Big Ed” Brown abruptly canceled his wedding to Liz Woods behind her back. The pair were still navigating their relationship post-split as Liz didn’t have a place to live and was planning to return to San Diego.

The restaurant manager returned to the Arkansas home she once shared with Ed with her mom, Patty, to pick up her things. “I know there’s still going to be some type of hurt when I see Ed and I don’t want to backtrack,” Liz told cameras.

Upon their arrival, Liz called it a “pigsty” and was disgusted with the current state of the home. Liz and Ed immediately began arguing, and her mother joined in and said Ed “should have been a man.”

In turn, Ed clapped back by telling Patty that she “should have done a better job at raising her daughter” and blamed her for Liz “how she is.”

90 Day Fiance’s Angela Thinks Michael Is Running a ‘Whore Ring’

Angela Deem’s skepticism of Michael Ilesanmi‘s intentions only continued during episode 13. Angela was angry with Michael for changing the location of his upcoming visa interview and dismissing her to go home after she said she couldn’t stay for another two weeks.

“You’ve been shady man. Doing all this s–t by yourself like it’s your visa only, then telling me I can leave. Like who does that?” Angela told him over a meal. “Matter of fact, let me see your phone.”

After grabbing his phone, Angela learned that Michael had been saving money and found out he was an administrator for a group called “Paradise Men.”

Michael tried to reassure his wife that he was not manipulating her but Angela stormed off with his phone, promising to speak with her immigration lawyer.

In her hotel room, Angela continued to go through Michael’s phone and believed he was running a “whore ring” from his social media channels. She also found out that Michael had been uploading her tax information, along with questions about life insurance in the group chat – making her wonder if Michael was trying to kill her.

90 Day Fiance’s Gino and Jasmine Argue Over Gender Roles

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda went shopping for a washing machine and the mom of two was upset that they weren’t discussing the Michigan native’s porn addiction. Gino, who recently had lunch with his uncle, realized he should be doing more for Jasmine and told her he paid the fees for her beauty pageant. In exchange, he asked for his wife not to start arguments or say hurtful things.

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The conversation seemingly took a turn when the couple argued about gender roles and about what “real” men and women were.

“Real men are providers,” Jasmine told Gino, to which he replied, “Let me tell you what a real woman is. A real woman is one that’s calm and gentle, not bitchy.”

“He is not treating me as a wife. I’m not a freaking dog,” the Panama native said in a confessional.

90 Day Fiance’s Rob Faces Off With Sophie’s Mom Claire

Sophie Sierra, her mother, Claire Cheshire, and Rob Warne reunited over drinks.

“My mom and Rob haven’t seen each other since my wedding and I’m kind of a bit worried about how tonight’s gonna go,” Sophie told producers.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 8 Episode 13 Recap 23

Rob didn’t want to speak to Claire but wanted to make peace with his wife’s mom. “There’s obviously a big elephant in the room. Your marriage is an absolute trainwreck,” Claire told Rob. “I don’t think she should stay with you.”

Claire became irritated after her daughter defended Rob and called him a “nasty person.”

“You are the most biggest gaslighter twat I’ve ever met in my life,” Claire told Rob as she left the table. “I hate him.”

90 Day Fiance’s Patrick and Thais’ Dads Face Off

After visiting Patrick’s dad Jose’s ranch, Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone decided against having their daughter’s third birthday there. The Brazil native felt Jose was taking advantage of his relationship with his son. Meanwhile, Patrick emphasized that Jose was the only parent he had left and wanted to maintain that family connection.

Patrick, Thaís and Patrick’s brother, John McManus, attended a dinner with both Jose and Thaís’ father. Thaís, who does not have a strong relationship with her mother, invited her to the event, and she ended up attending as well.

However, the dinner took a turn when Thaís’ dad brought up the fact that Jose wanted to charge the couple to use his ranch for their daughter’s birthday party. Jose refused to speak about the matter, saying it was “none of his business.”

90 Day Fiance’s Emily and Kobe Await His Ex

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise anxiously awaited the arrival of the Cameroon native’s ex-girlfriend during episode 13. As they waited, Kobe told Emily that once she became pregnant, he was not in communication with his ex and was not in love with her.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 8 Episode 13 Recap 1

Kobe emphasized that he had no other secrets and his ex never arrived for the meetup.

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley and Manuel Continue to Argue Over Money

Following their meeting with the lawyer, Manuel questioned Ashley and felt he wouldn’t have learned anything about her finances if it wasn’t for that conversation. He was upset with her after finding she was $100,000 in debt and not paying down her student loans. The New York native said she did tell him about her debt but he forgot.

“We have to think about the future, not just ourselves,” Manuel told her during an outing to the grocery store. “For example, the other day, I talked to my brother and I need to send money back home. How can I agree to send him money with all the expenses we have? Because you prefer to spend money on your s–t.”

Manuel asked his wife for $300 for his family but refused to tell her what the amount was for.

“I’m your family,” Ashley clapped back. “Not your bank. Understand that.”

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