Did Ronald Smith from 90 Day Fiancé get his visa? He has been in a long-distance marriage with wife Tiffany Franco Smith and the coronavirus pandemic caused a major delay in their visa journey. Keep scrolling below to find out if he is in the U.S. with his family!

Ronald and Tiffany were introduced to TLC fans on season 1 of the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. They met through mutual friends while the Maryland resident was on vacation in Ronald’s native South Africa and they hit it off immediately. Six months after they started dating, the couple got engaged.

Shortly after he proposed, Ronald came clean to Tiffany about his criminal history and his gambling addiction. He promised her that he had completed rehab and is working on bettering his life, but his past still put a damper on their wedding plans.

“Because of Ronald’s criminal history, I didn’t know if we could try for a K-1 visa for him to come to the U.S. I kind of lost faith in even trying for a visa for him to come to the U.S.” she explained. That’s why she decided to move to South Africa with her son, Daniel, from a previous relationship so she and Ronald could tie the knot.

90 day fiance did ronald get his visa update
Courtesy of Tiffany Smith/Instagram

“At that point, I felt like that was my only option,” Tiffany added. Shortly after their wedding, the couple learned they were expecting their first child together. Tiffany realized she did not want to raise her son or her unborn child in South Africa. So she told Ronald that she would go back to America and promised him she would immediately start the process for a CR-1 visa. A CR-1 visa allows the foreign spouse of a United States citizen to legally enter the country.

Seven months after she returned to the states, Tiffany gave birth to a daughter named Carley in July 2019. When Carley was three months old, Tiffany flew with her and son Daniel back to South Africa so they could visit Ronald which they documented on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? During their trip, the couple fought about what they would do if his CR-1 visa is declined.

The couple continued to share their journey on season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In an episode that aired on May 2, Tiffany said it had been 10 months since they applied for the visa and they were still waiting to find out whether it would be approved or not. Because of the delay in their visa process, Tiffany remained in her home state of Maryland with Carley and Daniel while Ronald remained in South Africa. Ronald seemed to be under the impression that if the visa does get declined, his family would relocate to his country so they can live together.

On the May 23 episode, Tiffany came clean to her sister about a secret she’s been hiding from her husband. “We’re so close to the visa going through, but you know, with the criminal record and with everything, there is a chance that he can get denied. He thinks that if he gets denied that I’ll pick up everything, Daniel and Carley, he thinks we’ll move to South Africa,” Tiffany said. “If you get denied, I’m sorry but I’m not coming. I am not coming and that’s that. Like, that’s not a conversation that I allow him to touch on because the moment I tell him no, that’s going to be a f—king s—tshow.”

Tiffany’s sister asked if she would change her mind if her moving was the only way for their family to be together, and Tiffany said she does not want to move. She explained that South Africa was not a safe country and she didn’t want to raise her children there, especially her son, Daniel.

While Tiffany already made up her mind, she told her sister she planned to keep her decision a secret until they hear back about their visa status because she was worried the stressful conversation would cause Ronald to relapse.

“Right now, if I hide it from him, I’m actually avoiding him to suffer for no reason,” Tiffany explained. “The way I see it, if I just don’t have that conversation, then maybe he gets approved and he comes here and that’s fine. And then he’ll never have to know that I had no intentions of going.”

In her confessional, Tiffany opened up about her options if Ronald’s visa is not approved. “If Ronald’s visa doesn’t get approved, I think my worst fears would come true. I know that there would be nowhere to go other than divorce and I know that there would be this ongoing argument about the custody situation,” she explained. “As a mother, I will never allow my kids to spend a half a year away from me if we split custody, I can’t. I just really hope that the visa’s approved because I don’t actually want to face this potential reality. I just want the visa to go through, then we never have to have this conversation.”

Unfortunately, it seems the couple is still experiencing a delay in their visa process due to lockdowns and closures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Judging from social media, it appears Ronald is still in South Africa while his family is in Maryland, but he and Tiffany appear to still be going strong despite the distance.

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