His past may come back to haunt him. Tiffany and Ronald were just introduced to fans during the series premiere of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on June 3, and they’ve already shocked fans with some secrets they’ve been hiding. Just two weeks before Tiffany, 27, was preparing to marry Ronald in his native country of South Africa, she met with an immigration lawyer to see if there was any way that Ronald would be able to come back to the United States with her after their wedding, even if he does have a lengthy criminal record. 

“I’m still holding out hope for Ronald to be able to move to the United States,” Tiffany said in her confessional. “But I’m worried that it’ll be difficult for him to get the visa because I have seen his criminal record. To me, it just looks so bad. So I would think that they wouldn’t accept him into the United States, but hopefully, the lawyer tells me otherwise.”

Tiffany explained that shortly after Ronald came clean to her about his gambling addiction, he also told her about his criminal record. “Everything was dismissed. So it’s not like he was proven guilty for anything. I saw that they were all dismissed, so that’s all that I needed to hear. But I was the one who told him, ‘How are you going to be accepted into the United States with all this baggage?’”

Immigration lawyer Robert Gillespie explained that the criminal record plays a big role in the visa process. Even if Ronald wasn’t convicted and he was charged, it still would pose a problem for Ronald.

“There’s quite a bit. There’s something like a speeding ticket to, it was like, possession of a drug,” Tiffany said. The lawyer asked if she knew what kind of drug it was, but she didn’t know.

She did know that there was an armed robbery charge on Ronald’s record, but that it was later proved that Ronald did not commit the crime in question. She also said that there was another charge on Ronald’s record for stolen money. Gillespie explained that most of the charges on Ronald’s record are serious and he suggested that there may be more to Ronald’s history than what Tiffany has revealed so far.

But Tiffany admitted that there is a lot she doesn’t know about Ronald’s past because she hasn’t really discussed it with him. “I didn’t ask a lot of questions. I probably should,” Tiffany told the lawyer. “You need to,” Gillespie advised. “If there is anywhere on his record that [shows] he admitted it, that is an admission for which he can be determined inadmissible.”

“I definitely should’ve asked Ronald more questions about his record when I did see it, but there was so much already going on with the gambling addiction and everything else,” Tiffany said. “But now at this point, I want to make sure that there’s nothing he’s hiding because my future and Daniel’s future is on the line. There’s definitely some more information that I need to get.”

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